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June 23, 2015
Summer’s finally here and with that comes hot days and long, warm nights.  It’s the perfect time to be intentional about dating your loved one!  A great group of bloggers and I joined together to bring you an amazing list of dates so you can be inspired to love on your man this summer.  Make sure you click on the links to head over to the other blogger’s blog to read more about the specific date.
Summer Date Ideas | Simple Moments Stick
Visit a Waterfall – Beth Willis Miller

We Followed a Waterfall Hunting Guide in search of one beautiful waterfall after another.  We marveled at the continual washing of water over the rocks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Go Paddle Boarding Simple Moment Stick

We headed down to the rental shop and decided on some paddle boards.  Now you guys, I’m pretty much a major klutz with some huge balance problems and I didn’t fall off at all!!!  I was totally proud of myself. 

Do a Craft Project/DIY TogetherOur Mini Family

One of our favorite things to do when we want to wind down and just talk and spend time together is to paint.  It varies on what we paint — in the past we’ve painted a spectrum of things varying from Doctor Who scenes onto canvas to something as simple as painting wood we bought from our local craft store.

Go to an Outdoor ConcertHave Ashley, Will Travel

Wiens is known for bold reds which pair nicely with their outdoor summer concerts, if I do say so myself!  Charles and I love live music and drinking wine on summer nights, so the combination is pretty ideal. 

See a PlaySouthern Hope

 In the future we will say to each other, “Remember that time we went to see WICKED at the Fox?!?”

Practice Photography TogetherSlice of Dubai

On a balmy September afternoon, Mr. HD and I set out to Madinat Jumeirah with a keen lens and a fully charged DSLR, for our first ever ‘Photography Date.”  Having both harbored dreams of being a photographer at some point in our lives, an evening dedicated to capture the camera-friendly landscapes of Dubai did not seem like a bad idea at all!

Take a HikeGrace Upon Grace

We’ve been dating for almost one year, and we’ve been hiking basically since the beginning.  In fact, for our very first date, J took me to the state botanical gardens, which is full of beautiful flowers, plants, and a couple easy hiking trails.

Take a Day CruiseSimple Moments Stick

Nate had booked us a little day cruise up the Columbia River.  We got to sit on the deck of the ship for a few hours, soaking in the sun and marveling at the gorgeous scenery.  It was such a wonderful time being with my love with no distractions like schoolwork, housework, or anything else. 

Go to the Zoo Robyn’s Nest 

We decided to go to a local animal park so we could see and interact with some animals that live in Africa.  This place has lions, monkeys, zebras, camels, rhinos, and more!  The thing we love about this animal park is that you can feed (most of) the animals!

Have a BBQ Competition A Prioritized Marriage

We thought it would be fun to have a grill off!  If we were going to be experimenting with the grilling technique, we might as well experiment with the flavors as well.

Visit a CemeteryThe Random Writings of Rachel

Angel and I discovered on our honeymoon that our favorite free date is a walk through a cemetery.  I enjoy piecing together the life stories from the bits of information found on tombstones.  It can be a somber time, because sometimes the dates and names stick with me.

Go on a SafariSouthern Hope

We headed 30 minutes up the road to Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, Georgia.  We got there around the time they opened (10am) and excitedly paid for our chance to have animals stick their heads in our windows, drool on us, and smell the sweet scent of animal poop!

Listen to the Symphony Perform (if you’re not rained out) – Grammie Time

We walked down to the local park in Matthews to listen to the Charlotte Symphony perform on an outdoor stage.  Excited to sit our on a summer evening listening to music was short lived.  An announcement was made that a storm was coming and, well, that was that.  We didn’t get to see the concert.

Mow the Lawn Living Our Days

In the summer time, in the beauty of green leaves and blue sky, we each notice privately that our years of working together in other ways have bred a wordless communication in our approach to a mowing job.  As we open the cooler for lunch, we remark on the fact, gratified at this evidence of compatibility

Fire Up the GrillLounging with Lindsey

The nights that it feels most like a date night are when we make dinner together.  We prefer something on the grill so the kitchen doesn’t turn into a mess.  Also, I don’t man the grill, so less work for me.

Go to a Drive In MovieSimple Moments Stick

The funnest date, by far, was going to a drive-in theater!  It was so fun to pretend to be back in the 50’s.  This one even does showings of Grease every so often.  I TOTALLY want to go to one of those.

Go Wine/Beer/Moonshine TastingRe-Solve

We went moonshine tasting… at 11 in the morning!  They import the shine from Kentucky and add all sorts of fun, natural flavors.  That’s my favorite part – no added colors or junk!

Eat OutdoorsA Savory Feast

Date night is one of my favorite nights of the week!  We used to go out to eat each week, but lately we have been trying to cook more.  This cookout was a great way to make sure date night was different from just a regular meal. 

Start or Tend to a GardenAllspice and Acrylics

My beautiful fiance was waiting for me at home with seeds we had purchased a while ago and we started planting in our little planter!  He’s got the green thumb, I’ve got the sharpies for fun little doodles…

Run a 5K Happy. Pretty. Sweet

 Tutu, mustaches, costumes.  It’s always fun to see what people wear on race day.  Tutus are very popular, and since most adults don’t run around wearing tutus every day, it’s fun to have a reason to put one on.

Go to a Theme ParkEmbracing Adventure

I’m continuing the overseas adventures with our first day at LEEGOOOLAND! (I shouted that in the car when we got near the sign and my husband was not thrilled)

Watch a Baseball GameOak and Oats

One of the best things about summer is baseball.  There is just something so nostalgic, American, and wonderful about the sport!

Go for a Bike RideA Short Blonde

 Biking is my favorite way to view a city; more expansive viewing than walking, but more intimate than driving.

Go for a Dinner CruiseHealth, Love, and Fire

Instead of flying off to some remote location for our anniversary, Dan planned a fun night out together.  I had been wanting to check out the Portland Spirit for years, but honest forget about it whenever it comes to actually making plans.  So I was so excited when he told me that we would be taking a dinner cruise up and down the Willamette River for our anniversary!

Watch the SunsetHave Ashley, Will Travel

I could barely handle the purple sunset we had one night.  Charles and I walked around and soaked it all up.  I wanted to remember every color and every moment.

Visit an Outdoor Art ExhibitAndrea’s Adventures

I saw an andvertisement for Jeppe Hein’s Please Touch the Art exhibit in Brooklyn Bridge Park so we headed there to see all the creative pieces.  The bulk of the exhibit revolved around 16 uniquely shaped and structured Modified Social Benches.  Many of these were occupied b little kiddos or groups of people just lounging throughout the park.

Go to the Shooting RangeA Prioritized Marriage

This weekend we decided to head up to the local shooting range so that I could learn to shoot.  I provided some great entertainment for the range masters because I kept shooting too high and I anticipated the kick back every time which made me flinch as the gun went off and close my eyes. 

Use a Date Idea BookCast Your Worries

Jim and I have got to be proactive and intentional in this circus.  We can’t just manage the 4 monkeys in our house.  We’ve got to take steps to walk together.  We’ve got to do something about it!  One step we’ve taken is Simply Romantic Nights.

Go on a Second HoneymoonThe Caswell Clan

Thanks to Ryan Air, we can fly to other countries fairly cheaply.  We just spent a wonderful, relaxing two nights in Pisa…  Without the children.  Flying over the Alps offered a magnificent view of God’s creation.

Enjoy Happy Hour at HomeMy Simplified Life

As new parents, getting out for happy hour somewhere isn’t as easy as it used to be, but truth be told, enjoying happy hour at home is really our preference.  We truly treasure the quiet time together.

Go White Water RaftingSimple Moments Stick 

I surprised Nate with a trip white water rafting!  It’s something that was on my “before we have kids” bucket list.  Basically I was just insuring that we were one step closer to having babies.

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