At Home Date Nights

July 21, 2015
Being a new parent is tough work.  There's often not enough time and energy to go around and, sometimes, marriages suffer.  Why leave date night up to chance?  Here are a few home date night ideas to get the sparks flying!

In the past eight months Nate and I have gone on three dates just the two of us.  Yes, only three.  We’re not proud of that but we’ve had to be ok with it.  In our case – having no family nearby, having a baby that SCREAMED before bed unless he was nursed or bounced (a particular way), and having a baby who refused a bottle but wanted to be fed every two or three hours – leaving him with someone just hasn’t been easy.  Thankfully, as he’s getting older, it’s getting easier for us to think about leaving him with others without worrying that he’s not making them go absolutely crazy.

Even though we haven’t been able to get away on dates we’ve learned how to be even more intentional than ever before while being at home.  Home date nights are of the upmost importance.  Sure, up until recently one of us has had to be focused on our super particular baby until eight or nine at night so even home date nights were few and far between.  Now that we’re sleep training our little man we REALLY have time for home date nights and we’re beyond excited to be back to truly connecting with one another.

We’re so thankful we’re finally coming out of our hardest season of marriage and we’re loving our new found time to invest in each other.  Home date nights, here we come!
Maybe you’re in our shoes and are looking for some great home date night ideas.  Maybe you have other reasons it’s hard to get out of the house.  Regardless of your reasons, I’ve got a great list of home date night ideas for you!

1.  Have a cooking competition
2. Play a board game
3.  Have a sleepover in the living room
4.  Do an art project or DIY
5.  Eat a candlelit dinner
6.  Work out together
7.  Go stargazing in the backyard
8.  Give each other massages
9.  Enjoy an at home wine tasting
10.  Create a themed dinner
11.  Learn to dance via Youtube videos
12.  Play 20 Questions
13.  Indoor camping
14.  Play strip poker (You’re married, it’s allowed)
15.  Plan your dream vacation

You see, your at home date night can be as simple or creative as you want.  And don’t forget…  Being physical is super important so save a little time before you’re wanting to go to bed for a little bedroom action.  😉

Your Turn:
What are your favorite at home date nights?
Were you able to get out and about often with your young kid(s)?

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