My Real and Raw Advice for Mamas-to-Be

July 28, 2015

I recently went to a baby shower of a friend.  Before opening presents, we all went around the circle sharing advice for the mama-to-be.  I was one of the few women there who was in the midst of baby-hood.  I was one of the few who was in the trenches, knowing first hand what this mama to be would be experiencing in the coming months.  Most of the women either had grown children or were still childless.  This shower was at the end of a long week – a week with a grumpy, teething baby.  A week where I didn’t get much accomplished.  A week where I wondered when this season would end.  This shower came on a day when I left a tired, crying baby with my husband thankful to get a few hours of grownup time. As we went around the circle I heard a lot of advice but the two pieces of advice that were repeated over and over were: 1.  Make sure to go on date nights with your spouse, even when your little one is very little.
2.  Embrace every season you child goes through and enjoy it because it only lasts so long. As each person shared their advice and it inched closer and closer to my turn, a few tears dripped down my cheeks.  My heart was heavy and it seemed like these women just didn’t understand. Finally, it was my turn.  I smiled through my tears and looked at the wonderfully sweet mama-to-be.  I wanted to be all rainbows and unicorns and give some happy-go-lucky advice but, instead, I gave her advice straight from my heart.  Real and Raw Advice for the Mama-to-Be


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