Prescriptive Vs. Descriptive

July 23, 2015

I used to be pretty much completely boy crazy.  I always had a guy I was crushing on.  I was always dreaming about my future wedding.  I was always obsessing over whether the guy I liked felt the same way about me.  I also used to never talk to boys…  Yeah figure that one out. Recently I was reading through my old middle school diaries (oh the angst!) and rediscovered an interesting thing I used to do… I’m sure a lot of us know the story of Gideon in the Bible but, if not, here’s the gist – Gideon’s a warrior and was supposed to save Israel.  He was a little skeptical so he prayed, asking God to give him a sign that it would really happen.  The first night he prayed that he’d wake up and a piece of fleece would be wet with dew while the ground around it would be dry.  It happened.  The next night he prayed that he’d wake up and a piece of fleece would be dry but the ground around it would be wet with dew.  Once again, it happened.  Gideon, secure in the fact that God was calling him to fight, then went to battle and defeated the Midianites.  (Read the whole account here) Well, I thought that if God answers prayers that way for Gideon then He would for me too.  So, I got to praying.  I asked God to tell me if a specific boy liked me and if we’d end up falling in love and getting married.  I prayed that if that was going to happen God would have a friend of mine that I rode the bus with greet me with a specific phrase.  If she greeted me with a different phrase then the boy didn’t like me.  (Remember, I never actually talked to the boy himself.  That would have been silly.)  Low and behold, she DID greet me with the phrase I had prayed for (it was probably “hi, Susannah” or something just as ridiculously common) and I was convinced that meant this guy was secretly in love with me. Sure enough, that guy was Nate and we ended up falling in love, getting married, and making a baby. Wait…  No.  That’s not how the story went.  In reality that guy and I still never talked, I started going to another church, and we never saw one another again.  (Here’s Nate’s and my REAL love story!) Prescriptive or Descriptive

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