A Great Example of Friendship

August 6, 2015

The other day I got a text from Stephanie saying that she was having a really pathetic day.  My house was a mess and I needed to go grocery shopping but, instead, I decided to tell Stephanie she should stop by and vent.  It was totally the right decision.  Sure, she came over to vent but my heart was uplifted while she was over as well. Stephanie is such a giving person.  She is always willing to come to my house so Caleb has a safe environment to play in.  She’s always willing to bring me coffee when she comes over.  She’s even coming with us to our family picture session in order to help out with Caleb while Nate and I get some pictures taken of just the two of us. I’m realizing how desperately I want to be that woman.  I want to be the woman who opens her home to her friends, no matter how messy it is.  I want to be the friend who is a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.  I want to be the friend who is a celebrator and a partier!  I want to be the friend who stops by with a cup of coffee!  I want to be the “yes” friend! IMG_20150603_182935 As we’ve been preparing for our move, I’ve been mulling over this desire.  As I make friends I want them to know that is the woman I am.  I long to make deep, meaningful relationships with wonderful women.  I want to be intentional and deep. I’m so glad I have built a friendship that I want to base my coming friendships on.  I love the person I’ve become in this friendship and have a great example of friendship from Stephanie.  Thanks for being awesome, Stephanie!  I’m going to miss our frequent hangouts!

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