Spris: The Best Fruit Juice Ever

August 5, 2015

I’m slightly in love with Ethiopia.  I have six siblings from the country and have had the opportunity to travel there twice.  My greatest adventure even happened while in Ethiopia!  I would love to be able to go again and experience more that the country and people have to offer. One of the things I love about Ethiopia is their food.  I would happily eat Ethiopian food all the time if I were able.  In America I’ve been able to get the majority of the food I love from the country.  I’ve been able to have injera, doro wat, zilzil tibs, and so much more!  One of the things I haven’t been able to find here in America is spris – an amazing layered tropical fruit juice/puree that I devoured while travelling. Since I can’t find it anywhere, I decided that I should just go ahead and make it.  Lucky you, I’m sharing the recipe! Spris {Ethiopian Fruit Juice}

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