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Fall Dates For You and Your Loved One

September 24, 2015
Check out these wonderful fall date ideas!

Going on dates makes my heart happy!  I invited some blog friends to share the dates they have gone on that are perfect for fall!  I hope you find the perfect date idea for you and your loved one!

Explore a Corn Maze A La Modest

My husband Rob and I did our regular autumn date. We went on a haunted hayride at night and a normal hayride in the daytime with some friends, and then maneuvered through an eagle-shaped corn maze and picked up pumpkins to carve at a farm for the little get-together we had at our place.

Shoot Pumpkin Cannons Simple Moments Stick

It was so fun to have the crowd watch as we got to shoot pumpkins approximately 350 feet in the air or at cars.

Visit a Butterfly HouseCherry Drop Princess

Looking at the butterflies made me think about the new life we have in Christ.

Drive in DinerPurposefully at Home

I’m so grateful for the life I am able to live with this man.  Here’s to many more dates at Sonic and walks in downtown.

Go Pumpkin Hunting Simple Moments Stick

It was a beautiful day, we got to do all sorts of fun things, and I got a wonderful pumpkin.  I’d say it was a successful pumpkin hunting trip!

Go to Sports Games A Deeper Joy

Two things that my husband and I love are sports and roadtrips!  Some of my favorite memories with him involve these two things.

Carve Pumpkins Crazy Little World

We will get our pumpkins and carve them together. It will be a fun date, trying to compete to create the better looking pumpkin…last year we both won as we started this tradition.

Go For a Walk in the Leaves Simple Moments Stick

The walks at Laurelhurst caused Nate and me to fall more deeply and totally in love with one another.

Go CampingWaiting for Baby Bird

I don’t tent camp!  I like my bed.  I like my shower.  I like not swatting at flies, running into spider webs, freaking out over falling leaves because I thought they were falling spiders, and carrying a flashlight to the nearest bush in order to release thy liquids.  But I knew it was something he has always wanted to do with me and I thought, “Why not?”

Enjoy Time at an Amusement Park The Loudmouth Lifestyle

I’m incredibly grateful to live only an hour away from the happiest place on earth. 🙂 We had a fun-filled day of window-shopping, people-watching and grabbing lunch at Rainforest Cafe.

Have an at Home Date Night Through Clouded Glass

Derek and I don’t go on dates very often.  I know there is that whole “Go on a date night every week!” campaign, and while I like the idea, it’s only a dream for us (at least right now).

Visit a Coffee Shop Simple Moments Stick

Well, you should go to an amazing coffee shop (preferably the coffee shop where you now husband originally told you of his interest in you).  Spend some time there, sipping coffee and having wonderful conversations.


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