Baby Safety Tips You May Be Forgetting

October 22, 2015
Is your baby safe?  Here are a few safety tips you may not have thought of!

As Caleb’s gotten more mobile and wiggly I’ve discovered a lot of new things he can get himself into.  Some of these are things that I never would have considered!  We try to be pretty free with Caleb and let him explore and get into pretty much whatever he wants as long as it’s not a safety hazard but, for some reason, my little man is just drawn to the safety hazards!  Here are three baby safety tips you might not being thinking of…

Is your baby safe?  Here are a few safety tips you may not have thought of!

Bathtub Faucets

Caleb is fascinated by the water coming out of the faucet and, if it were up to him, he would be the one to control how much water is coming out.  The big problem there is temperature!  If Caleb accidentally turned on the HOT water faucet then he’d be in for a world of pain.  Firstly, it’s recommended that you turn the water temperature in your whole house down to 120 degrees F.  The bath water should be no more than 100 degrees if possible but, with the whole house unable to go above 120 you can rest assured that baby won’t get a burn if (s)he accidentally turns the water on.

Also, it’s best to teach your little one from the get go not to touch the faucets.  If Caleb touches the faucets while he’s bathing we give him two warnings and then, if he keeps doing it, we take him out of the tub.  He may only be eleven months old but he totally knows that he’s not supposed to touch certain things.

Is your baby safe?  Here are a few safety tips you may not have thought of!

Kitchen Cabinets

The day Caleb figured out how to open the cabinet doors was a game changer.  All of a sudden I couldn’t cook dinner without distracting him multiple times from getting into the cabinets – especially the one with the garbage.  Thankfully he eventually figured out that the cupboard that was the most fun was the one with the spices.  Those at least are a little more safe and hygienic.  We quickly installed child proof latches on all the lower cabinets and Caleb has found that it’s not worth it to even try to open them anymore.

Is your baby safe?  Here are a few safety tips you may not have thought of!

Window Blinds

Caleb LOVES chewing on the cords of window blinds.  Unfortunately, the post a MAJOR strangulation risk with kids!!!  Unfortunately, since we’re in a rental, we aren’t allowed to change out the blinds.  Instead, I have to make sure to tie up the cords in order to keep them out of my sneaky little monster’s reach.

If you ARE able to change your blinds out I would highly recommend looking into getting new, cordless blinds from Smith & Noble.  Smith & Noble cares about your kid’s well being AND your personal style.  It’s the best of both worlds.  Honestly, they care so much that they offer FREE safety kits to retrofit outdated window treatments.  As their motto says – Safety First, Style Second to None.

Want to learn more about this great company?  Head on over to check out their full product line of safe and stylish window treatments and make sure you download their safety guide while you’re there!

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