I Feel Too Young to Adult

October 29, 2015

Sunday is my birthday and I’ll be 27.  I’m not old enough to be 27!!!  27 is almost 30!!!!  The other day someone asked me how old I was and, without thinking, I answered “22.”  I honestly thought I was 22.  That’s how old I feel, at least.  I remember when I was younger I thought 30 year olds (or even almost-30 year olds) had their lives together.  I don’t have my life together.  If I don’t have my life together then I’m obviously not adulting.  When I really look at my life, I realize that I AM adulting! Do you ever feel like you're too young to adult?  I'm turning 27 and I still feel that way! #Adult #Young #Age #Birthday #Youth

  • I’ve been out of college for longer than I was in!
  • I’ve been married four and a half years!
  • I have an almost one year old son and we are talking about when to start trying for another. (Don’t get too excited, folks, it’s still at least half a year away)
  • My husband has his masters degree and is finally working the job that he’s been studying for!
  • We’re completely financially independent and have no debt other than our cough*Nate’s*cough college loans.
  • We’re going to be buying a house in the near-ish future!

I don’t know how much more adult I could be at this stage of life and I’m realizing that I need to embrace it.  I need to stop thinking that I’m too young to have input into other adults’ lives.  I need to stop thinking that people are viewing me as too young to give marriage or parenting advice.  I need to stop waiting for when I’m going to feel like a grownup and just start acting like I already am one.  I need to think about myself the way I thought of 27 year olds when I was 17. I’m going to do all that…  Starting Now!

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