I've Got to Confess…

October 20, 2015

I think it’s high time we take it back to the basics with a couple confessions… I confess that sometimes I feel like I’m either the best or most horrible mom around.  I allow Caleb to have bites of cake, bits of ice cream, and spoonfuls of whipped cream.  He loves enjoying the tasty morsels and I love watching him enjoy them.  Everything in moderation, right? DSC01831DSC01832 I confess that I am SO excited that a reunion season for Gilmore Girls is in the works.  I’m just finishing up rewatching season seven and it’s frustrating to me that the season had a new producer and it wasn’t produced the way it was originally planned.  I can’t wait to see what the original ending was meant to be! I confess that I’ve been loving all the fall beverages I’ve been enjoying.  Pumpkin spice lattes, chocolate pumpkin pie smoothies, apple cider…  They all make my heart so happy! DSC01837 I confess that I love crunching leaves under my feet.  I’ll go way out of my way to step on a crunchy looking leaf and get so giddy when I hear the satisfying crunch. DSC01840 I confess that I’m loving the weather that’s beginning to feel like fall.  I adore wearing scarves, boots, hats, and all that wonderful stuff!  The weather can keep getting colder and colder for all I care! I confess that Caleb and I are going on a road trip to Spokane tomorrow.  I’m fairly nervous about driving a few hours with him since he doesn’t love sitting in his car seat for long distances.  At least I’ll have the Gilmore Guys podcast to listen to.  Now to see if it will drone out Caleb’s screaming… DSC01844 I confess that almost every weekend Nate and I have a discussion about what normal people do on the weekend.  We usually can come up with something to do one of the weekend days but not the other.  We’re totally not used to having two days together every weekend. DSC01847 I confess that I’m working on some exciting things for this blog (and the social media world in general) and am totally pumped about it!  There are quite a few awesome things in store for January…  Be prepared!  I may have to look into getting a monthly newsletter set up so that I can keep everyone informed about the exiting new adventures… DSC01849

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