One Month Left! {Caleb's 11 Month Update}

October 19, 2015

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Weight: Unknown since his next doctor’s appointment is at twelve months (Up from 23 lb 7 oz at nine months)

Height: Unknown since his next doctor’s appointment is at twelve months (Up from 29.75 inches at nine months)

Sleep:  CALEB SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As I said in the last update, after our move Caleb went from waking up once a night to waking up three times a night.  I knew he wasn’t getting hungry three times a night but was going in to nurse him back to sleep anyway.  Finally, after we had a few weekends of guests, we decided it was time to sleep train our little man.  (No hating on sleep training allowed.  Take your opinions elsewhere!)  I went and slept on the air mattress in our spare room so I couldn’t hear Caleb and Nate took over night time baby duty.  The first night Caleb woke up and cried for about an hour and a half.  Nate went in a few times to calm him down, rock him, reassure him he was there, and settle him back to bed but I didn’t go feed him.  The next two nights Caleb woke up once each night and fell asleep within ten minutes – Nate didn’t even have to go in to calm him down.  After that Caleb has been sleeping through the night!  About once every week or so there will be a night where Caleb wakes up and fusses for about ten minutes but he always puts himself back to sleep fine now.  On a typical day he sleeps from about 7-7.  #Winning

Likes:  Crawling into  the bathroom, Pulling books off his shelves, Getting into things he knows he shouldn’t, Crawling everywhere, Standing up, Walking around holding onto furniture, Someone helping him walk, Chewing on cords, Driving his car around, Looking at himself in the mirror, Trucks, Brushing his teeth, Eating everything, Being attacked with kisses by mommy and daddy, Wrestling, Playing with his toys, Pulling people hair, Mama’s boobs, Daddy, going for walks in his stroller, Bath time in the real tub, “Talking”

Being Tired, Bottles, Being told “no”

  Caleb is still in size 4 diapers and has stuck with wearing both 9 month and 12 month clothes.  12 month overalls and footy pajamas are too small now so in those he’s wearing 18 month clothes.

  I feel like this is the month that Caleb has learned the fewest new “tricks” but, instead, he’s really perfected a lot of tricks and is understanding things a ton better.  Caleb truly has a little adorable personality.  He’s still as stubborn as he was back at the beginning of his life but he’s starting to understand (sometimes) discipline and boundaries.  It’s so fun to see that Caleb is really beginning to comprehend things we’re saying to him.  He’s not saying any words for sure yet but both Nate and I wonder if he might know what “mama” means.  Sometimes he says it in context but we’re not 100% sure he knows what he’s saying.  He loves holding our hands and making us clap but doesn’t clap his own hands or enjoy us clapping his hands.  He is beginning to learn boundaries and loves to test them.  If he’s doing something he knows he shouldn’t he’ll look at us to see if we’re watching and, if we are, he’ll do whatever it is quicker while smiling.  We’re still working on figuring out a consistent discipline technique that he will understand since right now he just laughs at some of the things we’ve tried (like a swat on the hand) or screams bloody murder about other things we’ve tried (like holding him on our lap so he can’t get to what he’s trying to do).  Caleb is much more picky about giving kisses.  He knows exactly what we’re asking for when we ask for kisses and, if both Nate and I are sitting there, will be sure to give the other one of us a kiss too when he kisses the person who actually asks for it.  He doesn’t want to show favoritism.  Caleb’s finally starting to show separation anxiety when we drop him off at the church nursery or leave the room without him and, as annoying as it can be, it’s also totally precious.  Our little stinker figured out how to open the cupboards in the kitchen so Nate had to put baby locks on them.  He was SO disappointed the first time he couldn’t get a cupboard open and realized we had done something to keep them locked.

0 Month Photo Shoot
Oh my little love!  You are such a precious kid!  It’s hard to say that you’re a baby anymore because every day you grow more and more like a little boy.  Your daddy and I are absolutely in love with you and we can’t imagine what our lives were like before you were in them.  You light up our world more than we could imagine.  We love your precious rough and tumble little spirit and know that God is going to grow you into such an awesome young man!
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