Are You in Need of a Change?

November 10, 2015

There are times when I just need a change in my life.  These times are very few and far between but, when they happen, I do whatever I can to give in to my desires in a healthy way.  The past week or so was one of these times.  I was just CRAVING change!  Check out what I did!  Maybe you’ll want to do it too! Things to do When You Need a Change One // Change Up Your Blog Have you seen the changes I’ve made on my blog the past week or so?  I’m loving the design and, although there are still some tweeks I need to do, I’m excited for the new, fresh look.  A new blog design always gets me excited to write posts, connect with other bloggers, and come up with fresh ideas. A lot of the fresh ideas will be beginning in the new year and I’m absolutely pumped!  I can’t share all the ideas I have but one of them is that I will be starting a newsletter full of inside information that only the nearest and dearest Simple Moments Stick fans will receive.  Want to make sure you get it?  The sign up form is on my sidebar! Two // Dye Your Hair Remember how I used to have long-ish light brown hair?  Well, that’s not true anymore.  Now I have short-ish dark brown hair.  Sometimes a cut and dye is all it takes to feel refreshed.  I’d encourage you to be bold!  Ever thought of being a redhead?  Do it!!!  Ever wanted to go blonde?  Do it!!!  Ever thought that purple streaks would be fun?  As long as your job allows it, Do It!!!  Hair grows back and hair can be dyed back.  Have fun and make the change! DSC01887 Your Turn:
What do you do when you need a change?
How do you feel about my hair or my new blog design?

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