Freedom From Mommy Guilt

November 11, 2015

I have a confession – I blog, tweet, instagram, check my email, and do all sorts of other technological things in front of Caleb.  *Gasp* I know, how could I? I’m on a role with these posts speaking out against what I read on Facebook this week.  #SorryImNotSorry  All over the internet I feel as though I’m being bombarded by people saying that it’s not ok to use technology in front of your kids.  They say that parents need to be solely focused on their kids or they’ll grow up feeling like they’re not important and not loved.  A few days ago I read a post written by a woman who sat in her sons’ room as they were playing and tallied up how many times they looked at her.  It ended up being 28 times.  She then went on to tell parents that, if she had been on her phone or computer, that would have been 28 times her boys would have felt that the internet was more important than them.  That would have been 28 times her sons would have felt unloved and unvalued. First off, I want to say that I am not writing this against that mom AT ALL!  That mom sounds like an amazing woman and an amazing mom.  She obviously loves her sons and is doing everything she can to show them that love in tangible ways. What I do want to talk about is mommy guilt.  We women feel guilty enough and wonder if we’re doing right by our kids and we don’t need others condemning us for our parenting choices. Freedom From Mommy Guilt

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