That Time Nate Didn't Propose

November 3, 2015

On my 22nd birthday Nate didn’t propose.  Every birthday that passes reminds me of that. When the Proposal Didn't Happen Nate and I had been dating for about five months on that fateful day.  My favorite guy planned an awesome day that started with a scavenger hunt.  As the hunt began I realized we were going to all the special places in our relationship.  We went to our favorite spot overlooking the city.  We went walking in the leaves in our favorite neighborhood.  We grabbed coffee at the coffee shop Nate had initiated our first DTR.  Each stop included Nate telling me things he loved about me and our relationship.  At each stop I got more and more scared… 1101101054b See, I didn’t want Nate to propose!  I wasn’t ready for it at all!  I stopped being able to enjoy my birthday since I was so nervous about how to deal with a proposal I wasn’t ready for and a boyfriend who obviously didn’t know that our relationship wasn’t to that point yet. Finally we stopped at a great restaurant as a conclusion to the scavenger hunt.  Before going in I had to have a heart to heart with my love.  I timidly but firmly told him under no uncertain terms that I was NOT ready to get engaged.  I told him that things were going super well in our relationship and I was very happy with everything but we were not at that point yet. Nate chortled and told me that he was NOT proposing.  He realized that it totally could look like he was but he assured me that the scavenger hunt was nothing more than a scavenger hunt. Looking back I always laugh about the whole situation.  It’s so funny to me that I panicked and pulled back because I thought something was coming that actually was not.  It’s funny that Nate didn’t realize what his romantic gesture could look like. The thing that makes me smile about the crazy day is that communication was already in place.  I have always struggled with trust issues and had always felt as though there was no way I could ever fully trust a guy I was in a relationship with.  If I hadn’t trusted Nate I never would have been confident enough to tell him that I was not ready for him to propose. It was just a few weeks later at Thanksgiving that I realized that he WAS the guy I was going to marry…  and I still had to wait until February to for reals get the ring.

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