The Very Last One {Caleb's 12 Month Update}

November 19, 2015

Twelve Months
You guys, it’s the VERY LAST monthly update…  At least the very last one in this format.  (Anyone have good ideas about what to do from here on out?)  Seriously, taking a picture with the bear was awesome and fun but it got HARD!  Amusingly enough, this month’s photo shoot was one of the easier ones…  I think Caleb realized he only had to endure it one more time.  😉  I honestly cannot believe my little boy is one!  It’s so surreal and, let me tell you, this year has gone by FAST!

Weight: 24 lb 6 oz (Up from 23 lb 7 oz at nine months)

Height: 33 inches (Up from 29.75 inches at nine months)

Sleep:  Caleb’s still sleeping through the night!  It’s amazing and wonderful and fabulous and the best thing ever.  He’s still sleeping from about 7-7.  Obviously the time change threw him off some but he was resituated within a week.  #PraiseJesus  Caleb still needs three naps a day (is that normal for one year olds?)  We’ve gotten to a schedule where he wakes at 7ish, sleeps from 9ish-10ish, sleeps from 12ish-1ish, and then sleeps from 4ish-4:30ish.  I wish he would take two longer naps but this is what he does and at least he’s sleeping.

Likes:  Smiling, Waving, Clapping, Chattering, Crawling into  the bathroom, Pulling books off his shelves, Crawling everywhere, Standing up, Walking around holding onto furniture, Someone helping him walk, Driving his car around, Looking at himself in the mirror, Trucks, Eating everything, Being attacked with kisses by mommy and daddy, Wrestling, Playing with his toys, Pulling people hair, Mama’s boobs, Daddy, going for walks in his stroller, Bath time in the real tub Dislikes: Being Tired, Bottles, Being told NO, Daddy leaving the room

  Caleb is still in size 4 diapers and is in mostly 12 and 12-18 month clothes.  He’s tall so he’s in 18 month pajamas!

  Unlike last month, this month Caleb is learning new tricks again!  He’s started clapping and waving!!!  We’re super excited about those things!  Caleb is also starting to relate with Nate and me differently.  Nate is definitely Caleb’s favorite person in the world.  Whenever Nate leaves a room, leaves the house, or fails to pick Caleb up immediately when he gets home Caleb starts bawling!  I don’t mean fussing, I mean tears streaming down his face crying.  Caleb doesn’t have that reaction with me but, instead, is much more affectionate with me.  He loves giving me kisses but it HAS to be on the lips!  I’ll move my head to have him kiss me on the cheek and he’ll get SO frustrated and grab both my cheeks to hold my head still.  His kisses are the best but are also SUPER wide mouth and slobbery so… pretty stinking gross.  I still love them all the way!  Caleb’s getting funnier and funnier.  He loves it when we have family mouth-fart noise competitions.  He also thinks it’s super funny to kiss his stuffed animals whenever I actually ask for a kiss.  Caleb is just about standing up on his own.  He could do it if he trusted himself but, instead, he slowly lowers himself onto the floor.

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I don’t think I can write you another letter after the one I wrote you on your birthday!  I’ll cry too much!  Just know that I absolutely adore you and can’t even imagine how I could have been content with life before you were a part of it!
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