A Christmas Tradition to Begin with Your Family

December 9, 2015

A wonderful Christmas tradition to start with your family. Christmas is absolutely, without a doubt my favorite time of year.  I love the happy spirit, the warm fuzzies, the community events, and, of course, the reminder of Christ’s coming. I’m a girl who’s big on traditions.  Nate has had to learn that it’s better for him to just go with the traditions I put in place for our family than try to persuade me to do things differently.  One of the traditions we’ve I’ve implemented is Christmas tree hunting the weekend of Thanksgiving.  We all know that the Christmas season doesn’t begin until Thanksgiving dinner is finished (and if you don’t agree with me please just keep your mouths shut because you’re wrong)  😉 and it’s important to have the tree for a LONG time so it just makes sense to go get one that weekend. Now, I live in the Pacific Northwest so I’m a firm believer that Christmas trees need to be LIVE!  Seriously, what’s the point of a fake tree?  Answer – NONE!  I get that some of you don’t have that option.  My in laws lived in Arizona for a few years and I was so sad for them when I realized they couldn’t get a real tree unless they went to a lot (which I don’t believe in) and spent a LOT of money!  So, to those of you who have fake trees – I get it.  I don’t support it but I get it. For the rest of you, go out into the wild (or to a Christmas tree farm) and CHOP DOWN THAT TREE! Kellogg Christmas Tree Hunting A wonderful Christmas tradition to start with your family.A wonderful Christmas tradition to start with your family. Year One: I hate to admit that this was the year we did go to a grocery store pre-cut tree lot to buy a tree. *hangs head in shame*  Nate was working weekends this year and we didn’t have daylight hours to go get a tree.  Even so, we got a beautiful smelling *LIVE* tree and our house was decked with the Christmas spirit. Year Two: Never take me Christmas tree hunting when I’m hungry.  I had my coffee but that didn’t satisfy me at all.  I could NOT make up my mind about which tree I wanted because I was a grouch and a half.  Finally, after searching the whole Christmas tree farm a few times we settled on a tree that I could live with.  Thankfully once we got it home I realized I was being silly and it was a perfect tree! A wonderful Christmas tradition to start with your family. Year Three: We went to a different Christmas tree farm this year and discovered that if we bought one of the extra large trees it would be SUPER cheap – as in $15 for a huge tree!  We didn’t come close to having enough room for one of these trees but we realized how smart it would be to choose one of them and chop it down to the right size. A wonderful Christmas tradition to start with your family.A wonderful Christmas tradition to start with your family. Year Four: Caleb was born November 17th and just two weeks later we went Christmas tree hunting.  Let me tell you, that was a stupid decision.  Firstly, my body was nowhere near ready to go climbing in and out of Nate’s truck and then traipsing around the Christmas tree farm.  Not only that but it was COLD and we had our little guy with us.  Sure he was bundled up but he still was not a happy camper!  I was sore and Caleb was screaming so we found the first tree that was the right size, took a picture, Nate chopped it down, and we went home! Year Five: This year Caleb was much more into Christmas tree hunting!  Since we’re new in town we had to find a new Christmas tree farm.  We were excited to find a farm that charges by the foot (we got a 7 footer) and all the proceeds go to the Seventh Day Adventist school in town.  We had fun chatting with the students who were working, finding our tree, and teaching Caleb how to pick out the perfect tree. <><><><><><><><><><><> You better believe that this is a tradition we will be doing as long as we can!  It won’t be long before Caleb’s the one picking out the tree and having his daddy help him cut it down! Your Turn:
What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?
Do you do a real or fake tree?

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