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The Perfect Gift for Your One Year Old

December 1, 2015

Affiliate links are used in this post.  I received one or more product in return for a review.  Everything I say in this post is my honest feedback.

The only gift guide you need for your one year old!

Caleb’s a hard little guy to shop for.  The problem isn’t that he’s picky (I mean, really, he’s one, he’ll play with Tupperware for hours) but rather that there are so many options out there for toys and activities and I don’t always know the best thing(s) to get him.  Are any of you in the same boat?  I’d love to share with you a few of Caleb’s favorite things.  Maybe that will spark an idea in your mind for what you can get for your precious kiddo!

The only gift guide you need for your one year old!

1. Activity Board – This is the only item of the gift guide that Caleb doesn’t own yet but I figured I would include it since it’s what Nate is making to give to Caleb this Christmas.  Caleb is showing his little mechanical mind more and more so we’re excited to encourage that with an activity board.  Caleb loves turning on and off lights, fiddling with latches, and so much more and it will be fun for him to have one place to do all those things.  Hopefully this won’t teach him how to do things that I’ll later regret that he knows…

2.  Baby Bandana Drool Bibs – These bibs are amazing!  Just like most little one year olds, Caleb is a messy little man.  Not only is he teething (read: drool machine) but he also eats like a crazy person.  I love these bibs because they’re huge and cover a significant portion of his clothing and because they’re ridiculously absorbent!  Caleb’s slobber is soaked right in and the slobber is no more.  I love that the bibs are organic cotton AND that they grow along with Caleb.  Makes me feel like these bibs will last a long, long time!

3.  LeapFrog Chat and Count Cell Phone – Caleb LOVES technology.  If a cellphone or TV remote are nearby it’s a sure thing that Caleb is be lining his way to them.  I got Caleb this toy cell phone for his birthday in hopes that it would dissuade him from going for the adult technology.  Unfortunately it really didn’t but he still loves it.  He’ll push the buttons and listen to the puppy Scout counting.  He loves having me hold the phone up to my ear and talk into it and then give it to him to babble into.  I love that the cell phone is educational so I can feel like Caleb’s getting smarter while he plays.

4. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy – This little puppy is adorable!  Caleb’s not quite walking yet but he enjoys pushing this little puppy around and around.  The wheels are really big and stick a little (on purpose) so it’s hard for him to fall over while pushing it.  He also has so much fun sitting on the puppy’s back and pushing the nose, making it sing songs and say silly things.  It’s adorable to see how much fun Caleb has with this toy and, thankfully, the voice and songs aren’t too annoying.  😉  It’s fun that this toy grows along with the kid as they’re crawlers, creepers, and then walkers!

5. Teething Toys – No gift guide for a one year old would be complete without some teething toys!  I love these fun teethers!  The shapes are adorable and they’re perfect to fit in the little one’s mouth and get right at the spots that are hurting.  This set is great because it comes with a pacifier clip!  You can clip one of the teethers to one end and clip the other end to your little one’s clothes!  Nothing is going anywhere.  Caleb has really enjoyed chewing away on these teethers!  (Dear Lord, please let his teeth break through SOON! Amen.)

6. Light and Move Learning Ball – For some strange reason this ball is one of Caleb’s all time favorite toys.  The duck wiggles around and causes the ball to move around the house all by itself.  With our hardwood floors the ball has a ton of ability to move around and Caleb love chasing it everywhere.  This is another toy that I’m SO thankful isn’t super annoying sounding.  I would probably break it if it was since Caleb wants to push the buttons and follow it around the house for hours a day.

7. Little Tikes PopTunes Guitar – Caleb was born into a musical household so hopefully he’s ok with that.  It seems like so far he is.  Caleb loves playing with his little guitar.  He enjoys strumming it and pushing the buttons for the songs to play.  I think Caleb wants to be just like his daddy because sometimes he’ll pull out his little toy guitar when Nate’s playing his grownup guitar.  I’m a fan.

Your Turn:
Do your kids have any of these toys?
What would you get a one year old?


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