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Winter Date Roundup

December 17, 2015
December is an incredibly busy month!  Even if you attempt to have a simple Christmas things can get out of hand quickly as the holiday celebrations take over.  In the hustle and bustle date night is sometimes hard to plan.  Once Christmas is over it can get even harder.  As winter grows colder it’s easy to want to stay home, curled up in bed, waiting for spring to arrive.  What’s a couple to do?
Thankfully, a group of my blogger friends have joined together to bring you a list of tried and true winter date night ideas.  Yes, some are holiday themed, but others are just great to do in the cold!  If you’re lacking in inspiration I think you should definitely try a few of these out!  Don’t hesitate to click over to the other bloggers’ blogs to read more about the specific date!

1. Visit an Outdoor Christmas Market

“Be sure to give yourself several hours for wandering and noshing. It certainly isn’t a haven for health food, but it makes for a fun day filled with small indulgences.” – Veg Girl Rd

3.  Chop Down a Christmas Tree

“Now, I live in the Pacific Northwest so I’m a firm believer that Christmas trees need to be LIVE!  Seriously, what’s the point of a fake tree?  Answer – NONE!” – Simple Moments Stick

4. Wrap Presents

“Do something productive while having a date night!  Turn on a Christmas movie, pour some eggnog, light a fire, and tackle that stack of presents waiting to be wrapped.” – Raising Fairies and Knights

6. Explore a New City

“I had never been to Gatlinburg at Christmas time, so I was excited and it was magical!” – Robyn’s Nest

7. Go to a Theme Park

“We had our big Christmas Disney weekend awhile back, but we wanted to visit Disneyland one more time before Christmas.  On a Saturday.  Right before Christmas.  Crazy as we are.” – Have Ashley, Will Travel

8. Have a GIF Competition

“So many times we are trying to put away our electronic devices for date night!  We do that, too!  It’s a major rule at our house.  But every so often, it’s fun to involve electronics in your date night.” – My New Lines

9. Enjoy a Romantic Dinner at Home

“Dining out is a classic date night idea, but Adam and I work hard and we aren’t fond of spending all of our hard earned money on expensive and extravagant outings to fancy Italian restaurants. We are, however, very fond of the idea of enjoying classic Italian food together!” – Our Mini Family

11. Tour a Winery

“On Christmas Eve we went to one of my favorite wineries in the area (where I am a member of the wine club), and brought cheese, crackers, grapes, and more to enjoy on a lovely California Christmas Eve day with my family.” – Have Ashley, Will Travel

12. Get Pictures Done in the Snow

“It was a snow day and John was actually home to enjoy it. We decided to go out and have a mini photo shoot.” – JVKom Chronicles

13. Find a Dine-In Theater and Enjoy Dinner and a Movie

“One of our date night bucket list activities for this year changed the future of our dinner and a movie date nights. After our date to The MovieGrille, it’s safe to say that there will be many movie nights out for Joe and I in the near future. In fact, we know which movie we’re going to attend next!” – A Prioritized Marriage

15. Visit a Christmas Themed Town (Santa Claus, Indiana anyone?)

Santa Claus, Indiana – “We decided to mark something off my December goals list and go to Santa Claus, Indiana to see the Land of Lights.”  – Becoming Bailey
Celebration, Florida – “This weekend was HOT here in Florida, but I still had some winter fun! The weekend started for me on Thursday night and Jeff took me on a special Christmas date night!” – My Sort of Adult Life

16. Attend a Huge New Years Eve Celebration

“I’ve celebrated New Years Eve in Vegas about four times now, and it never fails to be the BEST party around.  While I know (and love) staying on the strip, downtown Fremont street (in my opinion) hosts the best New Years Eve party.” – Have Ashley, Will Travel

17. Watch the Sunrise on New Years Day

“New Year’s Day is one of my favorite “dates” that Christopher and I have all year.  Technically this is a family event, but there’s something so special and romantic about watching the sunrise with someone, so I think it still counts!” – Gradybird

18. Go Ice Skating

“When we arrived at the square, we realized that the skating rink was closed! It had melted because of the high temperatures this past week. We wanted to make the most of it, so we still went out to dinner and had amazing food and drinks!” – The Berger Bungalow

19. Attend a Fancy Holiday Gala

“This past Friday H had an event to go to for work so it was fun to once again put on a pretty dress, shoes, jewelry and slap on about 50 pounds of makeup.” – It’s a Pink Life

20. Go Christmas Shopping

“We headed to Buckhead, Atlanta to get in some Christmas shopping while we waited to go to lunch.  I just love the giant Christmas tree at the Macy’s at Lenox Square!” – Southern Breeze Collections

21. Check out A Zoo Light Exhibit

“Last night, Austin and I and a couple of our friends, bundled up and headed to the zoo after work to see some animals and Christmas lights.” – 2twenty Avenue

22. Enjoy a Car Picnic

“When deciding what traditions I wanted to keep as an adult, looking at Christmas lights easily made the list. Someday, I hope that tradition includes little faces pressed up against the glass in wonder… Knowing that we’d have less time for a big dinner I decided to make a warm dinner to go.” – Chasing My Halo

25. Learn How to Give Real Massages

“Neither Mike nor I would consider ourselves particularly adept at giving a nice massage, and so we never made it a priority in our relationship. What we were missing, of course, was a good, simple tool to help us learn.” – Learning and Yearning
Your Turn:
Are you going to try out any of these dates?
What’s your favorite winter date?
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