A Girl Worth Fighting For

February 12, 2016
Do you work hard at being a girl who is worth fighting for? Maybe you're doing it wrong! We shouldn't have to work for it!

Disney movies are my jam!  Anyone with me on that?  Not only am I a sucker for a love story (no matter how cheesy) but I also love musicals!  I think learning songs is one of my spiritual gifts and I always can belt out the perfect song for any occasion.  The past few days I’ve had the song “A Girl Worth Fighting For” from Mulan stuck in my head.  I know it’s a stupid song that’s full of chauvinism and male supremacy but even stupid songs can get a girl thinking.  

Five years ago today Nate got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.  In some ways it feels like forever ago and in other ways it feels like yesterday.  We’ve definitely had our ups and downs in the past five years and I know that will only continue.  That being said, I never want to grow complacent in our marriage.

I always want to be the girl worth fighting for.

I want to be the girl Nate’s willing to work through the rough patches with.  I want to be the girl Nate’s works hard for at his job and the girl Nate works hard to be home for when he’s off work.  I want to be the girl Nate supports, the girl Nate speaks proudly of, and the girl Nate champions.

Sometimes, though, I’m taken aback by the fact that I don’t always have to BE the girl worth fighting for.  I AM the girl worth fighting for.  When Nate and I got married we vowed to love one another for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.  No matter what I do Nate has promised me that I AM the girl worth fighting for.  He has promised that he will continue to fight for me whether or not I’m acting in a way the deserves it.

How much freedom is found in that promise?  Even when I’m completely a brat or struggling through anxiety and depression I have the promise that Nate is fighting for me.  He is being my knight in shining armor no matter what!

This Valentine’s Day I hope and pray that you’re celebrating with the one who cherishes you and values you as the one worth fighting for – not because of what you do but because of his love and commitment to you!

Your Turn:
How does your man show you that you are worth fighting for?
What are your plans for Valentines Day? 😉

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