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Blogging is Hard in the PNW

February 22, 2016
There's something about all different regions in the world that make blogging more difficult. This blogger is from the PNW and she's spot on about what's going on in that region to make blogging tough!

Blogging is hard.  I think we all can agree that this whole blogging thing is crazy!  There are so many things to think about from taking pictures to writing posts to interacting with other bloggers to promoting content to…  The list goes on and on.

As a blogger in the Pacific Northwest I’ve been realizing that we have a few unique challenges that other bloggers throughout the United States don’t have to deal with.  To all my PNW sisters fighting through the challenges, I salute you.  You’re a fighter!

Outfit Info: Stripe and Lace Sweater // Jeans // Boots


This is an adorable outfit for early spring!


Weather is Rarely Picture Appropriate

It rains (well, mists or drizzles is a more appropriate term) nine months out of the year here in the glorious PNW.  While that may make for beautiful greenery and an amazing summer it leaves us in a lurch when we’re wanting to take pictures for our blog posts.  How are we supposed to get good pictures when it’s grey and overcast ALL THE TIME?  If you want to have your own photography on your blog you definitely have to plan ahead and take all the pictures when it’s nice out.
This is an adorable outfit for early spring!

This is an adorable outfit for early spring!

There’s No Reason to Dress Up

One big thing about the Pacific Northwest is that it’s socially acceptable to wear jeans anywhere and everywhere.  There is no reason to get dressed up so, really, no reason to take nice OOTD pictures.  I see all you cute southern bloggers dressed up to go out to dinner and I think about the last nice dinner Nate and I went to.  We may have spent over a hundred dollars (It was an anniversary dinner. NOT normal) but we were both wearing jeans and I’m pretty sure Nate was in a flannel.  Sometimes I want a reason to be able to write a post about my little black dress but that just isn’t a thing here.
This is an adorable outfit for early spring!

This is an adorable outfit for early spring!

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a Real Thing

With it being so dark and dreary in the Pacific Northwest, Seasonal Affective Disorder is a big deal.  Not only that but the majority of us are also suffering from a huge vitamin D deficiency (which hugely adds to SAD).  While Seasonal Affective Disorder can be just that – seasonal – a lot of individuals in the Pacific Northwest also struggle with all the time depression.  Those of us who struggle with any one (or multiple) of these issues have to work double to push through and get motivated to write on our blogs.  #TheStruggleIsReal


This is an adorable outfit for early spring!

This is an adorable outfit for early spring!

Even with the difficulties that comes hand in hand with blogging in the Pacific Northwest I am so thankful I can push through the toughness and keep my blog rolling.  (PS. BIG changes are coming in the next month so keep your eyes out!)  I also love that I’ve been able to connect with some wonderful Pacific Northwest bloggers in our Facebook group.  These girls totally get it so it’s great to get to have that outlet to vent, get ideas, and share heart to heart with one another!

Blogging may be tough.  But it’s totally worth it!

Your Turn:

What are ways your region makes blogging easier or harder?
Have you connected with bloggers in your region?


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