Checking in With My Word of the Year

February 29, 2016
How are you doing with your 2016 goals?  Words of the year are great ways to focus on goals.  Check out how this blogger is accomplishing her word of the year and get motivated to accomplish your goals too!

Can you believe we’re two months into the year already?  Seems like yesterday we were in our yard at midnight lighting off fireworks and setting off our neighbor’s car alarm.  Let’s have a show of hands of who remembers their word of the year.  Now put your hand down if you’ve failed to keep your word of the year at the forefront of your mind these past two months.

My word of the year was Intentional so I figured I should probably be intentional about letting you know how I’m doing with my word!


  • So many big things have started happening and are in the works for Simple Moments Stick!  I’m so excited about changes that are coming!  I’ve been brainstorming and dreaming while working with another individual and soon you’ll all get a chance to see the fruit of these schemes.  Sorry I can’t be more forthright than that.  I don’t want to spoil it!
  • I’m getting more intentional about the “why” behind what I post.  Instead of just slapping a post together I am doing my best to think about my audience and what you all can get out of the it!  I’m striving to stay true to myself and why I like to blog while also thinking about YOU!  <3  You’re welcome!  It helps that I’m now only blogging three times a week.  I am overflowing with content where I used to feel like I was about to rip my hair out to come up with content five days a week.
  • The community of blogging has always been something I’ve adored and I’m getting back into that.  Since I’m not creating content five days a week I’m able to spend more of my blogging time connecting with other bloggers and getting back to my roots.  The Solidarity Sisters is still going strong and I’m having so many women sign up each month!
  • I’m also working a lot on my blog photography.  I am working toward getting all the photography on my blog to be my own and trying to rely less on stock photography.  It’s definitely tough but I feel like I’m learning so much more about how to set up and take pictures and I’m really enjoying it!  I’m also saving for a DSLR and am SO excited to begin the process of learning how to use it.

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Girl Boss

  • This year I’ve already made more money than I did in six months last year through my blog!  It’s wonderful to be able to help my family out financially while taking care of my precious little man.  I’m doing my best to be intentional about what I promote on my blog and social media and only share with you products and organizations that I truly admire!  It’s also my goal to insure that sponsored content is just as real and beneficial as my non sponsored content.  I never just want to be a product pusher!
  • The biggest thing I’ve done so far this year is open an Etsy store!!!!!!!  I’ve been wanting to open one for years and I finally bit the bullet and did it.  I’m still working on my branding and, once that gets designed, I will be creating social media accounts to start building my clientele.  I know I have a long way to go to get my Etsy store to start being profitable but I took the first step and I am very proud of myself!

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Offline Life

  • In the first thirteen months of Caleb’s life Nate and I had only gone on four dates.  We made it our goal to change that!  Our goal was to go on at least one date a month and, I’m happy to say, we’ve already gone on three…  In two months!  PLUS we’re leaving for a week soon to go on a week long vacation in Mexico WITHOUT CALEB!  It’s been so wonderful to connect with Nate in this deeper way and spend time focusing on one another without worrying about our little guy.  The beginning of his life was rough but things are getting so much easier!
  • Although I am being more intentional about my body nothing is changing!  I’m still 25 pounds heavier than I was prepregnancy and I’m doing my best to be ok with that.  We upped our gym membership so I could put Caleb in the nursery so I’m attempting to exercise even more than I had been previously!  I’m up to averaging four days a week at the gym but my body is sticking to its guns and staying put.  I think I’m having to change my intentionality from attempting to lose the weight before getting pregnant with baby #2 to being intentional about being ok with my body the way it is while continuing to exercise to keep my body healthy.  It breaks my heart a little but I have to remind myself that I’m not 18 anymore.
  • Reading is another area I’m not doing as hot in as I could be.  I’ve been reading a little more than I had been – I finished Space at the Table: Conversations Between an Evangelical Theologian and His Gay Son (an amazing book written by one of my former professors and his son!) and The Memory Keeper’s Daughter but I still would like to be reading more.  Hopefully next time I update you on my word of the year I’ll be able to say I’m doing better!  I also haven’t been spending the time I should be in the Bible.  I love the Word of God and feel so passionate about it but, for some reason, I don’t spend the time I want to and know I should reading it.  Time for a kick in the rear end.
  • I’m happy to say I did go to the eye doctor AND chiropractor since January!  No, I have not filled my prescription yet but at least I went.  One step in the right direction!  I also decided that there were some things I needed to work through in life and have started seeing a counselor as well.  Yay for working through the hard things and getting healthy!  I still need to find a lady doctor but at least I have a few appointments checked off my list!
  • Purging is going great!  If you’ve been keeping up with #PurgingWithSMS on facebook you’ll see that I’m still going strong with getting rid of one thing every day!  It’s not too late for you to join in on the challenge and start your own challenge to rid yourself of unnecessary things and simplify your life.

Your Turn:

How’s your word of the year going?
Anyone have tips for a new Etsy store?


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