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Treat Your Husband Like Your Best Friend

February 2, 2016

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Who is the first person that pops into your mind when you are asked about your best friend?  Is it a girl you’ve known since elementary school?  Is it a friend you met in college?  Is it you sister, your mom, or your cousin?  While all these are great and wonderful answers to that question, the answer I will always give is my husband.  Yes, Nate is absolutely my best friend and I exhort each one of you to treat your husband like your best friend!

I know some people scoff at the idea that a married couple can (or even should) be one another’s best friends and that breaks my heart.  I don’t understand why being best friends with your spouse wouldn’t be your #RelationshipGoal.  I think many marriages would be a lot healthier if all of you wives (and I’m included in this) learned how to be YOUR husband’s best friend.

I’m very quick to acknowledge that Nate’s and my relationship started off weird.  I know there’s no “normal” formula for how a couple ends up together but I don’t hear of many people who were good friends for two years – genuinely good friends with NO ulterior motives – before beginning to date.  But that’s our story.  Since friendship has always been at the center of our relationship that continued throughout our time dating and has remained even after marriage.

It’s absolutely important to me that friendship continues to be the thing that holds Nate and me together.  Because of this, I will absolutely treat him like my best friend!

  • I will enjoy my time spent with him and seek out as much time as I can.
  • He will be the first person I go to with news – either good or bad.
  • I will make sure to be speaking positively about him to others.
  • Our relationship will be centered around laughter, inside jokes, and ridiculousness.
  • Nate will be the person I go to when I need cheering up.
  • We will enjoy trips together and build other friendships together.
  • I will always have his back.

Far too often couples grow complacent in their friendship.  Far too often I see women putting down their husbands and complaining about having to spend time with them.  Far too often I see men mocking their wives and belittling their intelligence.  Those are things the majority of us would never do with our best friends.  We value them too much to speak so negatively of them!  How much more should we value our marriages?  How much more should we respect the person we chose to spend our lives with?

I would encourage you to begin treating your husband as if he were your best friend.  Be intentional about building up a foundation of friendship.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you were to find that he actually became your best friend when you began treating him as such.

Your Turn:
Do you think your husband can be your best friend?
What are you going to do to learn how to build a friendship with your husband?

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