You’re a Blogger, Not an Expert

April 27, 2016
Changes are bound to happen in the blogging world but one has got me a little concerned.  Why is claiming to be an expert detrimental to the blogging world?

A little over four years ago I sat down at my computer and decided to start a blog.  I had no idea what I was doing or what my goals were for my space but it was something that was MINE and I loved it.

In the past four years I’ve seen a huge shift in the blogging world.  Instead of blogging about our lives like we all did in the past, we make Pinterest worthy posts that teach others something.  It’s now more about the reader than the blogger but the best bloggers (in my opinion) are the ones that are able to bridge the gap and blog about their lives while also promoting products, teaching information, or inspiring others.

Not only that, but the drive now is e-courses.  Everyone and their sister is creating an e-course in an attempt to make some money and earn an income from their online space.

I don’t see anything wrong with this shift in the blogging community.  Everything in life changes and it’s great to change with it and keep up with the times.

The attitude that worries me in blogging, though, is that all of a sudden everyone feels like they need to be experts.  The bloggers who blog about blogging (say that 5 times fast) feel as though they have to be experts at what they do.  The marriage bloggers have to have the answer to every marriage problem their readers might face.  The debt repayment bloggers have to pay off their debt in 2.2 seconds AND never make a foolish splurge that sets them back.

That’s not real life.  The majority of us don’t have degrees in marketing even though we share about how to market blogs.  The majority of us are not marriage therapist even though we write about marriages.  The majority of us are not financial advisers even though we write about debt repayment.  And that’s ok!

We are bloggers.  Let’s not forget that.  Let’s not market ourselves as something we’re not.

Sometimes this shift in the blogging world can be dangerous.  I’ve seen some Christian bloggers write posts or market e-courses that are in no way Biblical.  I’ve seen marriage bloggers write posts like “The 10 Ways to Fix Any Marriage” and not consider that they could be hurting the woman who is fighting so hard for her marriage only to watch it crumble.  Even the bloggers who blog about blogging don’t realize how frustrating it can be when they post about what worked for THEM in growing their blog and claim that it can work for anyone.

Some of my most read posts are the posts where I admit I don’t have all the answers.  When I share the Caleb doesn’t sleep.  When I share that I have no clue what Biblical submission means.  When I let you all in on the fact that I struggle with depression.

Yes, some bloggers ARE experts in the field they blog about.  And that’s wonderful.  For the rest of us, we don’t need to get back to the way blogging used to be but I’d encourage you to be a blogger and let the experts do their thing.

Market your e-course, write your posts, share what you’ve learned.  Just make sure that you’re not claiming to be an expert.

Your Turn:
What shifts have you seen in the blogging world?
Do you believe bloggers need to tone it down a little too?

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