Christianity Isn’t Always Sexy

May 20, 2016
Sometimes Christianity just isn't sexy.  You know what I mean, the missionaries, mega church pastors, inner city youth leaders - THEY'RE the ones living the "sexy" Christian lives.  But wait, God calls ALL of us to live for Him!  All our lives are to be wild!

There’s something “sexy” and “alluring” about living all out for the Lord.  You know what I mean…  It’s the lives the missionaries live in their remote bungalows in the middle of the jungle.  It’s the lives the pastors of mega churches lead as they bring a revival to the people they serve.  It’s the lives the inner city youth workers lead as they grab the hearts of gang members and bring them to Jesus.  It’s not the lives you and I lead.

Nate and I are both processing through this right now and it shows in the books we’re reading.  He’s immersing himself in a book called The Imperfect Pastor, a book all about encouraging pastors in their ministry as they also go about their normal, non glamorous, mundane lives.  You know, the times when they’re mowing their lawns, watching TV, or doing dishes because, guess what, even pastors do those things…  At least the pastor I’m married to.  I’m reading a book with a slightly different angle on this concept.  I’m reading Wild and Free and being encouraged to live my life wildly for the Lord – even as I go about my normal, everyday life!

Yes, our lives are fully devoted to full time ministry but it’s not amazing and crazy.  It’s not seeing God work in crazy ways all the time.  It’s easy to get discouraged in church politics, people rejecting our faith, or the mundane jobs that come along with keeping a church running.  It’s easy to forget that it’s Jesus who is guiding us and, if we let Him, He will use us for amazing things!

No, we’re not converting people left and right and seeing a revival in our town but the Lord has allowed us to slowly build a relationship with the man across the street who came over to our house specifically to ask Pastor Nate (it’s still weird that he’s called that) to pray for him before he went into surgery.  This is a man who doesn’t know Jesus but we know that the Lord is allowing us to plant seed after seed in this man’s life and who knows what those seeds will grow into.

No, I am not leading a woman’s Bible study that is bringing in droves of women who want to dig into the Word of God and learn more about Him but the youth pastor’s wife and I have begun a playgroup with women from the church and we are building into one another’s lives and encouraging one another in our walks with the Lord and our roles as wives and mothers.  I also was given a leadership position in the MOPS group in which I’m a part of for next year and God is continuing to use that in my life to build into other women and to allow them to build into me.

I’m learning daily that the Christian life isn’t always alluring or sexy but it doesn’t have to be.  It can be mundane.  It can be boring.  It can be jumping a neighbor’s car or babysitting a friend’s kid.  Those things matter in the Kingdom of God just as much as hiking into the Amazon Rainforest to reach out to natives does as long as they’re all done for His glory!

I’d encourage you to live life for Him.  You don’t have to do anything crazy.  Just allow Him to show you what He would have you do for His Kingdom!  He’ll do the rest!

Your Turn:
Do you sometimes wish you had a “sexy” Christian calling?
What’s a way God has used you in the mundane?

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