Trusting God Makes Things Simple

June 3, 2016
Sometimes life is hard and we don't want to turn our trust on God.  That's silly, though, because trusting God makes things so much simpler!

You know what I hate? My distrusting nature. I hate that I second-guess everyone’s words and actions, fearing that they are hiding something, or wondering if they aren’t telling me the whole truth to avoid hurting my feelings.

I’ve always been like this, but I think that two things have happened as I’ve gotten older: 1.) I’ve simply become more aware of this issue, and 2.) I’ve gotten worse about it.

It’s crazy to me that I’m like this. I am surrounded by incredibly trust-worthy people- my husband, my family, and my friends are all wonderfully honest and filled with integrity. Yet I always worry. I worry that I am annoying them even when they say I’m not. I’m worried they’ll hurt me. I’m worried I’m too much. I’m worried they’re mad at me. And unfortunately, this trust issue is also alive in my relationship with God.

Trusting God

The Bible tells us over and over again that God is in control. That he cares for us (1 Peter 5:7), that He is working all things together for our good (Romans 8:28), and that He guides our steps (Proverbs 16:9). All these things come together to prove one larger point: we should always trust God.

We have a God who promises to hold us tight until the end, and to lead us where we need to go. Proverbs 3:5-6 says that if we trust in Him with all our heart, He will lead us where we need to go.

It’s Simple, Really

It seems to me that all throughout scripture, though God is intricate, He is also a God of simplicity.
When asked of His name, He simply said, “I Am” (Exodus 3:14). When God commands Noah to build the ark, the command is just that: “build the ark and you will be safe”. He didn’t ask Noah to figure out things for himself either- He gave Noah instructions for how to build the ark, and what to do once it was built. As long as Noah trusted God and obeyed, He would be safe (Genesis 5:32-8:22).

Don’t get me wrong- Noah worked his butt off. He probably had some serious biceps by the time that ark was finished! He had detailed instructions to follow, and a lot on His plate. But the truth of the matter is, when Noah decided to trust God, it made everything else simple. Why? Because once he decided to trust, all he had to do was move forward with the task set before him, and obey the truth he’d been given. That doesn’t mean it was easy. But I think it drastically simplified Noah’s life. Trust God, obey, and live life.

In Real Life

It’s easy to look at a Bible story and feel distanced from it. Sure, Noah was able to simplify, but since he was in the Bible it was easier for him, right? Um, no.

The world is definitely a tough place to navigate and things do get complicated, but God calls us to simplicity. We don’t have to figure everything out. He doesn’t say, “You need to figure out the right job, the right spouse, the right church, the right volunteer organization, the right birthing method for your future children, etc”. Does He want us to think deeply about those things, seek Him in prayer, search His word, and listen for His voice? Absolutely. But He also just wants us to trust Him. Trust that it’s ok if we don’t know the “perfect” answer to all those questions. Trust that He will guide our steps as we walk in this life. And trust that He has got everything under control (even when we mess up) and will work all things for our good.

Though we still have a responsibility to walk in the path God has for us (to the best of our ability), and though we still must live with integrity, trust takes the pressure off of us to have it together all the time. Trust let’s us know we don’t have to have it all figured out.

Trust doesn’t always make things easy, but it does make them simple. When we truly trust God- for our past, for our current situation, and for our future- then we will begin to believe that all is taken care of, and we don’t need to worry. We just need to breath. We just need to live. Trusting God makes things simple.

Your Turn:
Do you trust God for everything?
How does trusting God make things simple in your life?

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