Blogger’s Block Can be a Good Thing?

July 22, 2016
Dealing with Blogger's Block?  It can be so hard when you've run out of ideas of things to blog about.  If you sit back and think about it, though, blogger's block can be an amazing tool that launches you into bigger and better things!

The dreaded blogger’s block.  I guess it’s more commonly known as writer’s block but we bloggers get our own words for everything so blogger’s block it is.  😉  I’m sure every one of us bloggers experienced it.

I for one have a planner that I fill with the topic I’m planning on blogging about for that day but there are some days that are blank and, as the date approaches, I can’t for the life of me think of a topic to put in there.  I stress and struggle until I finally have a piece of writing in my space that I’m proud of.

Yes, today was one of those days where I didn’t have a post to write.  The next three weeks are all planned out but, for one reason or another, none of those posts could be written today.  So there I was on the struggle bus, trying to come up with a topic.

As I struggled I realized that blogger’s block was actually a super valuable thing in my life – a struggle that was pushing me on to bigger and better posts.  If you let it, it can be that way for you too!

Blogger’s Block Means You’re Putting Value in Your Writing

In the past I didn’t care a whole lot about what I wrote on my blog.  As long as I filled the space I was happy.  I didn’t have a mission statement, didn’t have a goal, and didn’t have boundaries I had set up for myself.  I also didn’t have blogger’s block.  I always had something to write about because my writing was all over the place!  I also didn’t have as many consistent followers, as many posts pinned on Pinterest, or as many brands reaching out to me.
These days I do have blogger’s block at times – because I’m doing something right.  I’m putting value in my work and don’t post pieces I’m not proud of.  Blogger’s block is a sure sign that I care about my readers and my brand.

Blogger’s Block Makes You Sit Back and Reflect

It’s easy to get caught in the hustle of blogging.  There’s always one more thing to do, one more person to contact, one more picture to take.  When blogger’s block hits, though, all that comes to an immediate halt.  You’re forced to pause and reflect.  You’re forced to think about what you’re doing right and wrong and decide how you’re going to proceed.  It’s important to take the time for reflections like that before jumping onto the next thing on the to do list!

Blogger’s Block Makes You Research and Explore

Even when blogger’s block hits, most of us don’t want to just not write.  So…  We have to research on other blog or Pinterest, we have to get out of our house to get inspired by pictures or to do something blog worthy, we have to think about a topic we’re proud of in order to get it written.  I love that blogging inspires me to do things!  Blogging is so much more than sitting in front of a computer.  Let blogger’s block inspire you to do things you’ve never dreamed of!

Blogger’s Block Shows You What You Need to Change

Maybe, after reflecting, researching, and exploring you’re still not coming up with a good post.  This is also a good thing.  To me, this seems as though your body is telling you something.  Maybe you need to take a blogging break.  Maybe the mission statement or brand of your blog needs to shift.  Maybe you even need to stop blogging all together.  There’s nothing wrong with any of these things as long as they’re what you need!  Blogger’s block will help you decide if these changes need to be made in your life.
Ultimately, don’t let blogger’s block get you down.  It’s definitely a hard place to be but try to think of all the positives that come from blogger’s block and use it to launch you into doing bigger and better things!

Your Turn:
What do you do when you experience blogger’s block?
Can you think of any other positives of blogger’s block?

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