Instagram Stories is Making Me a Better Mom

August 10, 2016
Instagram Stories is an awesome new social media tool that has totally made me a better mom

Bloggers and non-bloggers alike, let’s chat about Instagram Stories for a second!

The past few days have been a whirlwind of excitement in Instagram land!  Instagram rolled out a new feature in its platform that allows users to share photos and short videos that stay live for 24 hours.  It’s a separate portion of Instagram so these photos and videos aren’t on your feed.  Basically it’s as if Snapchat and Instagram had a baby and Instagram got custody of said baby…

I never was able to jump on the Snapchat bandwagon.  It was hard enough for me to maintain my Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram so Snapchat was one I didn’t even try on.  The day I opened Instagram and saw Instagram Stories, though, my heart went pitter-patter and I fell madly in love.

Amazingly enough, in the few short days that Instagram Stories have been a thing, I’ve felt as though it has helped me become a better mom.

It Relieves Pressure

I follow a lot of moms on Instagram so obviously a lot of mommy things are happening over on Instagram Stories.  Many moms I follow are “perfect”  their homes always appear to be clean, their kids never cry, and their makeup and hair is always on point!  I know my feed probably comes off more that way as well since the pictures I pick out and the captions I post are thoughtful and intentional.  Instagram Stories don’t have to be perfect!  Stories are straight out of a phone (yay for not transferring from our DSLRs!)  I see the stories of the moms I envied and I realize how much more like me they are than I get from their feeds.  I think the fact that these pictures and videos are only up for a day and aren’t there for everyone and their grandmas to see for all eternity gives moms the freedom to post every day things!  A curated feed can still be there but fun things can go in a story.

It Celebrates the Imperfect

Not only does Instagram Stories all for the imperfect, it celebrates it!  Moms do video tours of the houses and show off their messes while laughing about it.  Kids are running around in their diapers and undies (much like my kid does in the summertime) and it’s totally ok.  Lighting can be pathetic, makeup doesn’t have to be on, and we don’t have to be drinking out of cute coffee mugs.  It’s all allowed and it’s all good!

It Shows the Behind the Scenes

Many moms share adorable pictures of their kids all the time but we don’t realize that the very same kiddo had been having a meltdown three seconds earlier.  Instagram Stories is a place to share those melt down moments and form comradery as moms.  Instagram Stories is a place where cuddles happen, playtime happens, messes happen, lunch time happens…  All the stuff that wouldn’t go on our blogs or on our Instagram feeds can (and do) all happen on Instagram Stores.

It Doesn’t Require Editing Time

Editing is a pain in the tush.  I don’t love that anytime I upload something on Instagram I have to spend time making sure the picture is just right.  I have to make sure it’s on brand.  I have to make sure it fits with my Instagram asthetic.  Instagram Stories don’t need all that.  I can snap a pic, add a filter or some words, and upload it right there.  Done and done.  Time to get back to things I enjoy – like wrestling with my little man.

How Does All This Make Me a Better Mom?

I’m gonna quote Braveheart for a second and just cry out… FREEEDDDDOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!  I’m loving the freedom Instagram Stories has given other moms and myself to just be ourselves online.  Seeing that other moms truly are going through the same things I am gives me the strength to know that none of us have it all together and allows me to give myself some grace when it comes to how I parent.
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