Anniversary Pictures {Year Five}

October 17, 2016
These family pictures are just too precious!

Back in July, Nate and I celebrated our fifth anniversary.  As with all past years, we scheduled a family photo shoot to get a little memento of what our family looks like this year.  One of the best things about having IRL blogger friends is that you have (amateur but awesome) photographers who want to hang out with you and take your picture.  Thanks Stephanie!  (And your awesome bf, Justen, of course!)  As you well know, July was a while ago…  Technical issues caused Stephanie to have to postpone going through and editing our pictures but, now that those issues have been resolved, it’s so fun to be able to see what pictures were captured to commemorate the year.

There’s something so special about having a wall in my home dedicated to yearly photos.  It’s amazing to have one place where I can smile over a wedding picture, marvel over how young we looked at a year, remember how much fun we had at our photo shoot at year two, swoon over my baby belly in year three, and laugh over how grumpy Caleb was at our fourth year shoot (even though we did end up with one fantastic picture!).

I can’t wait until the wall is covered in thirty years worth of pictures.  I can’t wait for pictures with future children, grandchildren, and hopefully even great-grandchildren!

These family pictures are just too precious!

These family pictures are just too precious!

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Your Turn:
Do you have any anniversary traditions?
How often do you get family pictures taken?

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