Why I’ve Been MIA

November 2, 2016
What a cute idea to announce a pregnancy!

In the month of October I’ve hardly written any blog posts.  I’m sure some of you have probably guessed it, and you’d be right – I’m pregnant again!  As of tomorrow I’ll be 14 weeks along and this pregnancy has been pretty stinking rough!

With Caleb, I never once threw up, hardly felt nauseous, and got over my first trimester exhaustion by about 14 weeks.  This time I’ve been nauseous all the time, threw up for the first time since third grade, and am still unbelievably exhausted.

We’re so excited to welcome another precious little one into our family and can’t wait until December to find out the gender of our little one.

I’m hoping that now that I’m out of the first trimester I should be feeling better and will be back to blogging.  I’ve missed this community so much!

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