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Christmas Tree Hunting {2016}

December 2, 2016
A Christmas tradition for the family

Every year, as Thanksgiving finishes up, my heart gets giddy when I realize that the Christmas season is finally upon us.  One of my favorite parts of Christmas is decorating the house and, with that, finding the perfect tree to proudly display in my home!

Nate works on Sundays (life of a pastor, amiright?) so we had to head to the farm on a weekday.  There are definitely pros and cons to this – the tree farms were pretty empty (pros for us introverts who got to have a whole tree forest to ourselves) but the farms were pretty empty (con because we had to find a farm that was actually open).  Thankfully we came across an adorable little tree farm owned by an elderly man and his wife.  We traipsed through the trees and, after convincing Caleb that he shouldn’t be attempting to climb over the fence to attack the sheep, we all enjoyed checking out the trees and finding the one that was just right for us!

Our little guy was pretty confused as to why exactly we were examining trees and then was fascinated by the chainsaw that was used to cut the tree down.  Anything loud with a motor is fun in his books!

Finding a Christmas tree with your family

Once our tree was picked out we asked the only other person in the lot – the elderly tree farmer – if he could take our annual Christmas tree photo.  The sweet, sweet man tried so hard to get a good picture of us but he couldn’t for the life of him figure out how to use my DSLR, even though it was all set up and I told him all the had to do was point it at him and click the shutter button.  After four tries I didn’t have the heart to tell him that it was still completely blurry and he had chopped off our heads.  Instead, we payed for our tree, drove to the edge of the lot, and I balanced my camera on the car to take a family picture.  It’s the first time in our marriage that the picture isn’t in front of OUR tree but that’s ok.  It’s the thought that counts, right?  😉

Caleb was beyond ready for a nap when we got home so Nate and I brought the tree home and got it decorated while little dude was sleeping.  When he woke up and saw the tree his eyes lit up and he was mesmerized by the tree!  He’s still obsessed with it and brought one of his little chairs right next to it to sit in and stare at the tree.  So far he’s only taken three of the ornaments off but, when I made him but them back on, realized that they’re supposed to stay on the tree.  I’m so proud of my little guy!  He’s growing up!  (He’s not completely grown up, though, he ate a fake berry off the decor I have on our dining room table…  The little punk!)

A wonderful family Christmas tradition

Your Turn:
Do you do a real tree or a fake tree?
How do your kids handle Christmas decorations?

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