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How to Throw the Perfect (Simple) Holiday Party for Your Mama Tribe

December 19, 2016

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Sometimes the perfect holiday party is the simplest holiday party! Click through to get some great tips for throwing a simple but fantastic party!

There’s one thing I know for sure, motherhood is hard! Anyone who would say otherwise is obviously not a mom. While it’s hard, it is SO much easier with a tribe of mom friends to laugh with, commiserate with, get advice from, and play date with! I am absolutely 100% thankful that I have found my tribe of mama friends. Between the five of us moms there are thirteen kids with two on the way and, thankfully, our kids all get along so well! (Most of the time, obviously, kids will be kids!)

While we spend a lot of time together at our playdates, Bible study, and all other sorts of get togethers, a lot of that time is centered around kids.  We need some time focused on US!  Obviously that means we needed to throw a holiday party where we could be the focus, not our crazy kids!  Wanting to throw your own party?  I’ve got you covered.

Plan the Perfect Time

Obviously the perfect time to have a mama tribe party would be when the kids could be watched by the dads,  Unfortunately, multiple dads have different schedules that’s not always possible.  The second best idea, in my opinion, would be to hire a babysitter (or a few babysitters) and have all the kiddos play at one house while the mamas play at another house.  Splitting the cost of the babysitting makes it much cheaper and the kids can feel like they’re having a special time just for them!!

Get Snacks and Drinks

What party for moms is complete without treats that you don’t have to share with your kids?  That’s pretty much the most important part of a party!  Snacks, drinks, munchies, make sure you have it all!  Oh, and chocolate.  Always have chocolate.

Start a Hashtag

If your group is techie, pick out a hashtag for your party.  Weddings do it all the time so why shouldn’t holiday parties?  When you’re all tagging your pictures with the hashtag, you’re all able to see one another’s pictures super easily.  You also can make other people jealous by what awesome friends you all are.  Boom.  #RelationshipGoals

Share Pictures

Even though you’re all sharing your photos with one another with the aforementioned hashtag, it’s also so fun to have physical copies of your pictures!  After the party, a great Christmas present for your friends is getting the pictures printed in a cool way…  Maybe playing cards or a mini scrapbook?  Right now, if you purchase Coca-Cola products for your party from Albertsons or its banner stores (I got it at Safeway) you can get $20 off at! The offer will be executed via Catalina print-out at register with unique pin code to redeem online at  The perfect party allows you to get the perfect Christmas present for so much less!

Sometimes the perfect holiday party is the simplest holiday party! Click through to get some great tips for throwing a simple but fantastic party!

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