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Joy in Your Winter Wardrobe

December 21, 2016

Fantastic winter wardrobe inspiration!

Wintertime is upon us and I’m pretty happy about that fact.  Here in the Pacific Northwest it’s typically rainy and gross but this year we’ve already had snow three times!  All the praise hands for snow!!!  I know some people get snow all the time and some don’t get any but, regardless of the weather, we all have to wear our winter best!

I know I can get bogged down by how many layers I have to wear in the winter but sometimes I like to stop and think about how much fun it can be to put together an outfit.  Winter allows so many opportunities to put together outfits that bring me joy!  I invited some bloggers to share with us how they find joy in their winter wardrobes.

Fantastic winter wardrobe inspiration!

Lisa from Naptime Chai

My family and I moved to the PNW from Chicago last year, so I’m still trying to figure out what a winter wardrobe looks like in this new climate! This is what I know for certain: A great rain jacket is a must! Under the jacket (or on non-rainy days) I love wearing a soft, comfy sweater (cashmere, preferably!) in a neutral color. A pair of skinny jeans and boots completes my mom ‘uniform’ most days (although some days I skip the pants and just wear leggings). To make my outfits a little more interesting and fun, I put on a fun accessory like a blanket scarf or a bright hat!

Fantastic winter wardrobe inspiration!

Elizabeth from Oak + Oats

Layers, leggings, and all things warm become my mantra for winter! I love finding dresses & flannel shirtdresses that I can wear with a nice pair of cozy leggings! Vests, sweaters, boots, tennies can all be swapped out depending on just how cold it is that day! I love being able to mix and match! This year I am loving all things fuzzy, Patagonia, and neutral!

Fantastic winter wardrobe inspiration!

Cassandra from Poppy Anthology

In the month of December, you’ll find me wearing a dress every day as part of the Dressember campaign to raise awareness and money for the victims of human trafficking. It brings me joy to know that when thousands of women stand together, we can change the world and bring light to a dark subject. Wearing a dress, even when it’s cold in the winter can be a challenge, but it’s worth it to know that our cause is something worth fighting for. 

Fantastic winter wardrobe inspiration!

Ashley from Sed Bona

I love how creative winter forces me to be with my wardrobe.  I mix proportions, textures, fabrics, and colors in unique ways in an effort to stay both chic AND warm. It’s the season I always find the most challenging and rewarding to dress for.

Fantastic winter wardrobe inspiration!

Susannah from Simple Moments Stick

Winters in the Pacific Northwest are crazy.  We can go from sunny to rainy in two seconds flat and temperature can range from 70 degrees to 5 degrees.  Layering is absolutely my go to, especially this year since those pregnancy hot flashes are even more crazy than the weather.  This year I found the perfect jacket that fits over my pregnant belly and you better believe that is where I’ve found my joy when not much that’s not maternity clothing fits!

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Stephanie from

I find joy in my winter wardrobe by still taking time to feel put together. It can get easy to live in yoga pants and sweatshirt, but when I go out I like to feel fully dressed. 🙂

Check out this fantastic winter outfit inspiration!

Molly from Style Miss Molly

I love winter fashion because cold weather doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for warmth. I love to be bold and I’m not afraid of wearing white even in the winter months — I think that winter whites are just so pretty. Winter accessories such as hats, earmuffs, scarves, and gloves are essential to me and bring me joy knowing I’m still warm and fashionable. You’d never know that even under my winter coats I’m usually wearing a moto-jacket too!

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Maegen from The Modern Tulip

I find joy in my winter wardrobe by remaining comfortable. When I think ‘Winter’ I think being cozy and bundled up. Winter is the one season I don’t really enjoy dressing up as odd as that sounds. I guess because heels and snow don’t mix so I take the opportunity to be more casual. I opt for cute boots, sweaters, hats and scarves to look put together while feeling comfortable and warm.

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Callie from Through Clouded Glass

I like dressing in the winter more than in any other season, because there are so many more layering options than other times of year.  Layering adds opportunities to infuse those extra bits of style, and I still haven’t figured out how to replicate it in the summer, when the warm weather means shedding layers.  I love all the sweaters, cardigans, jackets, vests, scarves, boots, booties, boot socks…I could really go on, but you get the idea.  Looking through all my winter options and seeing how I can combine my pieces in new ways gives me winter wardrobe joy!

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Audrey from Audrey Madison Stowe

I find joy in my winter wardrobe by mixing staple pieces with more daring pieces. Winter is a time of coverage and keeping warm but it’s always a fun challenge to figure out how to spice up the average leggings and coat look. This outfit in particular brings me joy because of all of the red. Red is a color I typically steer away from but love to try it in the winter time.

Check out these fantastic winter wardrobe inspirations!

Jessy from Current Bliss

Cozy sweaters and tall boots are my absolute favorite in the winter! Sweaters are easy to style and super comfy to wear, while neutral boots can be worn with everything! Mix and matching neutrals and textures is so fun this time of year!

Check out these fantastic winter wardrobe inspirations!

Sierra from Eclectic Kurves

I  find joy in looking comfortable and chic during the winter months. I look for fabrics that are forgiving, but still have a little spunk and flair. Lace, open knitting, and velvet are just a few of my winter fabric crushes.

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Samantha from Elah Tree

One thing I love about my winter wardrobe is the layers.  It’s so fun to get to wear snow boots, and stocking caps, and gloves, and scarves.  Plus, with winter comes snow, which means playing in the snow, haha!

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Greta from Greta Hollar

I find joy this time of year in cozy sweaters and knits. I love being bundled up and drinking hot chocolate by the Christmas tree in a fun holiday sweater. I also enjoy fun footwear this time of year since your outfit is covered up by coats and scarves. Shoes show a fun personality and have to stand out!

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Ashley from Happy. Pretty. Sweet

At heart, I’m a warm weather girl, but living in the Midwest has taught me the joy of layering. Cozy sweaters, slouchy hats, colorful scarves are all things that help make winter a little more cheerful. Because the winter months can be freezing, I’ve learned to crochet, and I enjoy making hats and scarves for myself and my family!

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Kendra from Kendra Castillo

When the seasons start to change and there begins to be a chill in the air I start to get excited. It’s my favorite time of year because it means it’s time to pull out the sweater, scarves and boots. I find so much joy in being able to snuggle up in my favorite sweater and curl up with a good book. Time seems to slow down during the winter months, something about being cozy, comfortable and a lot of good conversations during the holidays bring me so much comfort and joy!

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Allison from Live Life Well

I love oversized sweaters with leggings in the winter.  There’s something about being able to be comfy, cozy and cute simultaneously that makes this one of my favorite seasons in terms of fashion.

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Alice from Lone Star Looking Glass

We’re lucky if we get to pull out our sweaters, scarves and coats each winter in Houston, Texas! That’s why on the cooler days, I make sure to wear my favorite winter pieces, even if it’s still a bit toasty down here compared to the rest of the country. I love layering ponchos over long sleeve tees and adding tall boots & felt hats to tie it all together for the season. The best part of winter fashion is being able to mix several different styles and trends in one look. After all, when it’s chilly out you’ve got to add the layers to keep cozy!

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Molly from Molly on the Move

I LOVE winter clothes because you can bundle up and feel all cozy inside! It makes me happy to wear a chunky sweater + a skirt or jeans + boots and then a fun accessory, like this hat!

Check out these fantastic winter wardrobe inspirations!

Jennifer from My Mama Project

I find joy in my winter wardrobe as long as it is two things…cozy and comfy!  Living in the Pacific Northwest, where we get a lot more rain than snow this time of year, my knit hat and Hunter rain boots are winter staples (along with my ever growing collection of warm boot socks!).  Thanks to my growing baby bump as well, getting dressed isn’t exactly the easiest thing these days, so this winter I have relied on comfy leggings, long stretchy
shirts, and layers, layers, layers.  I have learned, after 34 years of living in this neck of the woods, that layers is the key to staying comfortable, so this poncho will be on repeat all season long. It is perfect for wrapping up in, has a hood when needed, and doesn’t have zippers or buttons or anything to worry about trying to get over my belly!

Your Turn:
What’s your favorite winter look?

How do you find joy in your winter wardrobe?


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