Finding Time for Devotions as a Busy Mom

January 20, 2017
It's so hard to find time for devotions as a busy mom.  Click through to find out how I ensure I get my Jesus time in!

Moms.  We’re rockstars.  I don’t care if you’re a stay-at-home-mom, a coparenting mom, a working mom, a foster mom, or any other title mom.  You’re a rockstar!  Mommy-ing is tough and keeping little humans alive day in and day out is an accomplishment.  With all the rockstar-ing, though, I’ve definitely found myself hugely lacking in one area of my life – the area of my life I should be focusing on the most – my relationship with Jesus.

Who out there knows what I’m talking about?  You’re so focused on being an awesome wife, mom, and whatever else that you realize you haven’t picked up your Bible (let alone read it) in weeks.  You feel dry and worn down to your core and realize you haven’t spent time really talking to Jesus in… well… who knows how long.

I firmly believe my relationship with Jesus is the most important aspect of my life but that’s often the aspect of my life that I let run dry when things “get too busy.”  Enough is enough.  I want to get back to my first love.  I want to get back to the place with Jesus where I feel wrapped up in His Spirit and connected to my Savior.

One of the aspects of “Open” being my word of the year was opening my Bible more but it’s hard!  I have a punk toddler who thinks anytime I have a book on my lap it should be one of HIS books and I should be reading it to HIM.  I have a little monster growing in my belly who things that I should sleep 10+ hours a day and still be tired.  I have roles and responsibilities that keep me out and about.  I even have this blog that takes up time.

I’m being reminded over and over that those are no excuses for not spending time with Jesus.  In fact, spending time with Him makes all those roles so much easier!  It’s crazy how taking time out of the day to spend with Jesus helps me feel refreshed and able to handle my life so much better.  Maybe God knows what He’s talking about when He asks us to spend time with and delight in Him…

Don’t Set Up a Time

I know, this runs contrary to pretty much everything I’ve ever been told about Bible studies.  I’ve always been told to have a consistent time so you know what you’re doing when.  As a mom, though, I don’t have consistency in my day.  Sometimes Caleb will decide he only needs a 45 minute nap.  Sometimes I have errands or a doctor appointment first thing in the morning.  Sometimes I’m out late with friends and have no motivation to read anything before bed.  Instead of setting a specific time to spend time with Jesus I just try to do it the first time I have a chance.  Some mornings it’s right after breakfast while Caleb’s playing with his trains.  Sometimes it’s at noon, during nap time.  Sometimes, on the busy, horrible days, it’s right before bed.  It doesn’t matter when I do it as long as I’m able to spend time truly focusing on what I’m doing.  And, to be completely honest, about once a week or so it just doesn’t happen.  There is no good time to spend with Jesus so it’s skipped and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that either.  Jesus isn’t holding our time with Him over our heads like it’s a checklist.  He wants us to desire Him because of what He did for us and offers us grace when we fall short.  My husband doesn’t get upset with me on days we can’t connect and Jesus loves me so much more than my husband does!  The important thing is that I am connecting with Jesus on a regular basis and growing in my knowledge of Him and my love for him!

Find a Program

I have found that having a Bible reading program helps me so much with staying on track.  Some years I’ve done the One Year Bible program.  Other times I’ve gone through devotionals.  Right now Nate and I are both reading through the Bible using the Read Scripture app.  Every day there’s a few chapters out of whatever book of the Bible you’re in, a chapter of Psalms, and, often, a video that talks about a theological idea, gives more info or an overview of the book of the Bible, or explains more in depth another aspect of faith.  Beyond just loving the program and finding such value in the videos, I also love that it’s all on my phone.  I have my phone with me pretty much all the time so I can read through it in the waiting room at the doctor or in the car while Nate’s driving, or while Caleb’s playing at the park.  Easy access to my Bible plan is one of my mom wins!

Get Your Child Involved

Like I said before, Caleb thinks I only should be allowed to read books to him.  Mommy absolutely cannot read her own stuff.  That would just be silly.  Sometimes I give in and pick up him children’s Bible and read to him out if it instead of fighting him and trying to read my grownup Bible.  The Bible we have for him, The Jesus Storybook Bible, is filled with such depth and truth that even I get something out of it when I read to him.  Honestly, there are times I’m just sitting there crying because of how amazing Jesus is and I’m simply reading a children’s Bible.  There are other times when Caleb’s not being quite so much of a punk that he’ll be fine with me reading the real Bible to him.  He’ll often sit on my lap flipping through pictures in one of him book but listening to the words of Scripture being spoken over him.  When my reading plan has a video in it Caleb loves watching it with me and, even though he really can’t understand what they’re saying, it makes me happy knowing he’s at least hearing truth spoken over him.  I pray that gradually the things he doesn’t understand start sinking in and he learns to love Jesus with his whole heart!

Listen to Music

Within the past few weeks (since Christmas music season is done) I’ve been intentional about playing quality, faith-filled music in my home.  I’m a Christian music snob and honestly don’t like a lot of Christian music since I feel as though it lacks depth and doesn’t proclaim the Gospel.  Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but a lot of Christian music is really not quality in its vocals, instrumentals, or even simply the way it is composed.  (Not that I could do better…  Just that I recognize that others can do better)  Thankfully there is a lot of really good Christian music out there if you’re willing to look for it.  I love Pandora and I currently have a Sandra McCracken station, a Rend Collective Experiment station, and a Gungor station that I’ve been rotating through and loving.  Listening to deep, faith-filled music just sets my heart in a good place as I go about my day and connects me with Jesus while I’m doing things like folding laundry or washing dishes.

Pray with Your Child

A few months ago we were getting ready to eat our dinner and Caleb looked up at Nate and me, folded his hands, and grunted at us.  He was telling us that we had to pray before we ate.  I was shocked that he had picked up on that since, to be honest, Nate and I aren’t great about praying before meals.  They pray before snack in the nursery and I think that combined with the times Nate and I were intentional about prayer before eating made an impact on Caleb and he wanted us to remember to do it.  Our little not even two year old at the time showed us that, even though he doesn’t truly understand what it means to pray, he was old enough to participate in prayer.  Since then we’ve been trying to include him in prayer time more and more.  Every night before putting him to bed I ask him what he wants to thank Jesus for (it’s almost always either da-da or baby) and then we pray for it.  His little innocent spirit that is focused on prayer has been a great reminder to me to spend time talking to Jesus throughout the day.
Whatever you do, dear mama-friend, make sure that you’re figuring out what works for you and the way you can be intentional with Jesus.  It truly does make a world of difference!

Your Turn:
How do you find time to spend with Jesus as a busy mom?
What’s your favorite Christian music?

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