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Family Maternity Pictures {Josiah}

April 12, 2017

Adorable maternity photos!

I have three goals for before Josiah is born – get my maternity pictures taken, get new carpet installed in the bedrooms, and get through Easter week with my busy pastor husband.  So far we’ve got 2 out of 3 of the goals accomplished.  Give it until Sunday and then little man is allowed to come whenever he chooses.

I have not been on the ball this pregnancy with getting things done so I had put off maternity pictures.  Suddenly I realized I had five weeks to go and I hadn’t planned out getting pictures taken at all!  I texted my awesome friend Stephanie and, thankfully, she was willing to stop by while driving home from Camp Arnold and snap some pictures of my family.  Sure we only have three weeks left now, but these pictures just show how big I’m getting.  It’s quite different than getting maternity pictures done two months before I was due…  It’s so wonderful to have these memories captured!

Adorable maternity photos!

Your Turn:
What goals did you have for before your baby was born?
How far along were you when you had your maternity pictures taken?

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