America’s Favorite Pastime

July 14, 2017
Even a non baseball fan can enjoy the game!

Take me out to the ballgame!  Although that’s not something you’ll normally hear me say, when I’m visiting family and that’s the activity everyone is taking part in, I happily join along.  On my side of the family there are 12 siblings, 4 in-laws, 1 fiance, 3 nieces (with one on the way), 5 nephews, and a partridge in a pair tree.  It’s rare that all of us are together but this past week all of us minus a sister and her two daughters and son were able to make our way to Spokane to celebrate one of our brothers’ weddings.  It was such a special time to all get to see one another and we did our best to make the most of it.

My dad is a schoolteacher and during his off months he works at the Spokane Indians stadium.  It’s a hobby job for him – he gets to watch the game, talk with and entertain people, and get paid!  It’s winning all around!  Since he had to work on the 4th of July we all decided we would go to the game.  Not all of us had arrived in town for the wedding yet but those of us who did decided we all needed to spend time together.  Even those of us who don’t like baseball got to enjoy the time with siblings and it was such a special time!

Even though my family is changing and we’re all getting older, getting married, and having babies, it’s so special to come back together in our loud, crazy, obnoxious, loving group.  There’s something so wonderful about family – even the people in my family who drive me the most crazy are the ones I would fiercely protect with everything I am.  That’s love!

Don’t ask me what the ending score was, though.  I don’t have a clue.

Even a non baseball fan can enjoy the game!

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