Road Trip Tips with Toddlers and Babies

July 19, 2017
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Taking a road trip with a baby and toddler doesn't have to be terrifying!  Click over to get some great tips!

You’ve got a toddler and a baby.  You’ve got no money for flights.  You have to get across the state for a wedding.  What do you do?  ROAD TRIP!!!

That’s exactly what we had to do earlier this month and I was not thrilled to be driving for hours with two month and two year old boys!  These boys are unpredictable and I didn’t know what would happen on our trip!  I’m happy to say that things went better than I expected, partially because I prepared for all sorts of different things that could or couldn’t happen while we were traveling.

Don’t you worry, I’ve got the tips you need for your next road trip!

Plan Fun Stops

I can’t even imagine how boring a road trip is for a toddler.  Not only does it involve being strapped in, but they also have no idea how long they’re going to have to be confined.  A great thing to do is plan a fun stop halfway through the trip.  It could be a hike, ice cream, a park stop, or anything else your toddler would enjoy.  Let him get the wiggles out before getting back in the car and finishing the trip.

Bring Snacks

I want snacks during a road trip so a toddler is no different!  Keep snacks up front that can be handed back throughout the trip.  We love bringing healthy snacks like nuts, veggies, and fruit so we’re not just stuffing our little man full of sugar.  Sugar and road trips don’t mesh!

Plan for Extra Time

I’ll say it again – Plan For Extra Time!!!  No matter what you want, there will be stops that weren’t planned for and the stops that were planned for will take longer than planned.  Nursing or bottle feeding babies will need to eat, toddlers will throw up, lunches will take longer than necessary, the list goes on and on!!!

Plan Travel During Nap Times

Our toddler and baby both go down for naps around noon so we try to leave for trips at that time.  Once we’re in the car the boys can fall asleep and whatever time the nap fills is that much shorter of an amount of time that they know we’re driving.  If your kids don’t nap at the same time pick your favorite kid and travel during her nap time.  😉  (Or maybe pick the kid who you want to be asleep the longest…)

Make Sure the Car is Good to Go

There’s nothing worse than car problems on a road trip.  I take it back, there’s nothing worse than car problems on a road trip with a baby and toddler in the car!  Check your tires, check your fluids, get your oil changed, check the air filter, etc.  Don’t leave anything to chance that you could take care of before leaving!
Taking a road trip with a baby and toddler doesn't have to be terrifying!  Click over to get some great tips!

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Taking a road trip with a baby and toddler doesn't have to be terrifying!  Click over to get some great tips!

Your Turn:
What are your tips for roadtripping with littles?
Does your car qualify for the Pennzoil High Mileage oil change? 

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