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How to Have a More Intentional Morning

August 21, 2017
Five ways to have an intentional morning. Sometimes you just have to make a few little adjustments!



Recently I’ve been inspired to make changes in life to make me a more healthy person, both emotionally and physically.  It’s been amazing to see a drastic change in the amount of daily anxiety I’m experiencing and I love sharing with you all to hopefully inspire you to make changes it your life too!  The most recent life changing step I’ve been making it to change up my morning routine.  Instead of just getting up and muddling through the day, I’ve chosen to make my mornings intentional and, honestly, it’s changing my life!

How to Have an Intentional Morning

Set an Alarm

Until recently, Nate had been getting up with the boys.  Once he was leaving for work or Josiah was ready to eat Nate would get me up – usually around eight.  Due to my sleep issues, being in bed for about 10 hours allows my body to hopefully get the sleep I need but getting up at 8 and jumping into my day was just as tiring.  Instead, I’ve begun setting my alarm for 7 and getting up, getting dressed, and having a little alone time before I have to start taking care of my little monsters.  I know, 7 sounds so late to some people but I’m dragging my butt out of bed at that time.  Pick a time that works for you, set your alarm, and get up!

Stay off Social Media

I have realized that social media, mainly Facebook, has been draining me dry and heightening my anxiety way too much!  When I started my day with scrolling through Facebook I was filling my mind with anger, bigotry, arguments, naivete, and manipulation.  Of course there was also all the good I was filling my mind with – love, baby and puppy pictures, gentleness, hopefulness, and grace – but, for me, the bad was totally outweighing the good.  It was causing me to start my day frustrated, anxious, and, honestly, angry.  That’s not what I wanted!  I decided it was time to stay off social media in the morning!  I also decided to not scroll through my Facebook feed at all for a month!  I know that’s a little excessive for some people but my anxiety has gone down so much since I started that month.  Yes, I’m missing things going on in my friends’ lives by no longer scrolling but it’s saving my life!

Drink a Glass of Water

I am a coffee girl through and through!  My day doesn’t begin until I have my cup of java.  Unfortunately, after I had my cup of coffee I’d typically have another one.  And then I’d move on to iced tea.  And then an iced coffee.  And then a hot tea before bed and, as I wound down for the day, I realized I had maybe had a cup or two of water that day!  I was living chronically dehydrated.  I found that if I drank a cup of water before anything else I was much more likely to drink water throughout the rest of the day and allow myself to get the hydration I need!

Read Your Bible or a Good Book

Since I’m no longer filling my mind with social media first thing and I’m getting up before I’m on mommy duty I needed something to fill my mind with.  It’s great to be able to sit down with my cup of coffee (after drinking my water, of course) and open my Bible or a devotional or Gospel oriented  book and fill up my heart with Jesus first thing!  This is not a time for a magazine or novels, it’s a time to grow my relationship with the Lord.  The novels can come later in the day…  If my boys give me a few seconds to myself!

Drink Your Fruits and Vegetables

Part of the diet Nate and I are doing includes having a fruit and oatmeal smoothie in the morning.  It’s been great to get healthy nutrients in my system first thing.  Recently I received a one month supply of Kiwami Greens, powdered drink mix inspired by Aojiru, a traditional Japanese greens blend known for its superior nutritional properties. The powder is made with Young Barley Leaf, Ashitaba, and combined with Matcha and Sencha to deliver a boost of vitality that you can taste and feel.  It’s packed with calcium, vitamins B, C, and E, iron, fiber, and folic and amino acids. Ashitaba is a very unique plant that’s long been used in traditional Japanese medicine — it’s a rich source of vitamins B1, B2, and B6, dietary fiber, calcium, and vitamin E.  That’s a lot of nutrition in one drink!  I’ve been combining my powder packets with my water or smoothie each morning and feel so good about getting so much extra nutrition in my life!
Your Turn:
What do you do to make your morning more intentional?


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