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The Ministry of Motherhood

August 14, 2017

Truths about the ministry of motherhood

I’ve always dreamed of doing big things.  I entered college with the dream of getting my Bible education and then heading to Africa to live a rustic life and bring many people to the Lord.  Through my time in school God used many circumstances to show me that was not where he wanted me.  Instead, I got a heart for people here in America.  I learned to love the homeless, mentally disabled, and not well off individuals in downtown Portland.  Surely that was where God was going to use me.  It may not be Africa but it’s still big!

Then life stepped in the way.  Caleb was born and I was able to begin my season of being a stay at home mama.  Nate got hired as an associate pastor at a church in a smaller town.  No more inner city ministry for us.  As Josiah entered our lives just a few months ago and I realized I’ve been out of high school for ten years I started thinking about how far my life is from where I thought it would be.  I’m not in Africa.  I’m not ministering to people who are struggling in downtown Portland.  I’m not even incredibly connected as a pastor’s wife.  (You can only do so much at church with a baby and toddler!)  I’m not doing anything that would be considered big.

As I look at my life, though, I am engaged in full time ministry – not in a church or a mission organization – but ministry nonetheless.  I’m raising two boys to become Godly men.  The world needs more Godly men.  I’m teaching my boys about God’s love and grace.  I’m teaching them compassion, strength, equality, discipline, and social justice.  I’m showering my boys with affection while also teaching them that actions have consequences.  Who knows who these boys are going to grow up to be.  Who knows how God’s going to use them to do amazing things!  Maybe I’m raising the a man who will lead a church and teach many others about God’s grace, maybe I’m raising a man who will be a CEO in a company and lead it with Godly wisdom, maybe I’m raising a man who will be a carpenter and share the love of Jesus with those who buy handcrafted tables.  What I’m doing with my boys matters for eternity.

It’s not just about my boys, though.  Through them I have entrance into the lives of so many others.  I struggle with planning gettogethers with friends but throw kids into the mix and the awkwardness is gone.  Play dates become a time of ministry.  I get to love on others, build them up, share truth in their lives, and get built up in return.  Doors open when it’s time for playdates that don’t open any other way.  God works in the lives of women and their families through me.

Each of us mothers are involved in ministry.  We are the people who will have the biggest impact in our childrens’ lives.  We get to share God’s grace (whether vocally or through our actions) to those we come in contact with – coworkers, people at the grocery store, other moms, the mailman…  The list goes on.

Now that I think about it, I am doing a big thing and you are too.

Your Turn:
Is motherhood a burden or a ministry (or something in between) for you?
What is one step you’ll take today to instill a little Jesus in the life of your little one?

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