We Know What to do at the Fair

August 28, 2017
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Nate and I tend to err on the side of being more minimalist people.  I definitely wouldn’t say that we’re minimalist in the true sense of the word but we hate clutter.  We love getting rid of things that aren’t useful or don’t bring us joy.  We hate spending money on stuff.  (Make sure you read “stuff” in a disgusted voice.)  Early on in our relationship, though, we discovered how much both of us value experiences.  We are willing to shell out money to experience life and enjoy what the world has to offer.  Spending money on experiences is definitely what we do at the fair!

Once a year, when the fair comes to our county, we head to the fairgrounds and do it up right!  Food is purchased (LOTS of food!), animals are pet, rides are gone on, booths are visited, and raffles are entered.  Money is spent and the memories that are made are totally worth it!

This year Caleb was finally tall enough to go on quite a few of the rides and he adored it.  We spread out the rides between visiting animals and eating all the food to extend the experience and, each time we let him know we were going to go on another ride, his little face lit up and he yelled out “ride, ride, ride!”  Too cute!  Going on the rides with Caleb was, unfortunately, a good reminder of the fact that I’m not 18 anymore.  I only went on one spinney ride with my little man and, for about half an hour, felt absolutely sick to my stomach!  Daddy will be on ride duty from here on out!

Both Josiah and Caleb were fascinated by the animals – in very different ways, of course.  Caleb wanted to tell us the names of every animal he saw and the sounds they make…  Because of course he did.  Petting the animals also thrilled our little man.  He’s quite the animal lover!  Josiah, on the other hand, simply stared…  Because of being three months.

Being able to break our diet for fair food was wonderful – corn dogs, tater tot nachos, kebabs, elephant ears, scones, lemonade…  There’s nothing quite like it!  We love getting a smattering of food and sharing it with each other in order to really experience all the fair has to offer!  If only we could get something from every booth…  We’re not THAT willing to spend money, though!

We don’t know how much we spent during our day at the fair but I’m sure it’s more than I’d like to admit.  I have to say, though, that it’s totally worth it!  The memories and fun we experienced that day was unforgettable!

Click through to find out what to do at the fair!

Click through to find out what to do at the fair!

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