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How to Workout with a Toddler at Home

August 16, 2017

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Wondering how to workout with a toddler at home?  I have a few good tips!

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Three months postpartum and I’m well on my way to getting this baby weight off.  In fact, I’m happy to say that I weigh less now than I did when I got pregnant with Josiah!  I have a long way to go before I reach my target weight (a little more than I weighed when I got pregnant with Caleb) but I’m happy with the way my body is recovering this time around!

Having a toddler makes everything a little more difficult and working out is one of those things.  I swear this kid can sense when I’m putting on a workout video or want to go for a ride on my exercise bike and wakes up at just the right time to be in my way.  I try not to let that dissuade me from my workout, though, and, instead, do my best to get him involved!

How to Workout With a Toddler at Home

Get Them Their Own Supplies

Since Caleb thinks lifting weights is just about the coolest thing, he now has his own one pound weights that he uses to join me in my workouts.  Maybe your kiddo wants to join in on yoga – think about getting him his own mat (or just telling him a blanket is his mat).  Maybe your little one thinks steps are fun – get a box for her to do her own steps on.  You don’t have to get the exact equipment you’re using because spending that kind of money on a toddler is a little cray cray but get them something that’s their own!

Get Outdoors

If you’re able, take your toddler outdoors with you.  There are so many ways to get your heart rate up while running around outside.  Go for a walk, run on the high school track, do laps around the play structure at the park – your toddler will get his energy out and you’ll get your workout in!

Make it a Game

Working out doesn’t have to be serious.  Turn it into a game if you’re able!  Maybe your toddler is learning how to count – help her count the reps you’re doing.  Maybe your little one is totally into hide and seek right now – run sprints up and down your hallway while you’re counting for him to hide.  Get creative and have fun with it!  Your kiddo will let you exercise more if they’re enjoying themselves too!

Turn on Their Music

Sometimes you just have to give in and turn on toddler music while you’re working out.  Recently I’ve found that I can get my heart pumping by joining Caleb in some of his movement songs.  Make head and shoulders into burpees exercise (or don’t do that – burpees are the worst).  Jog around the room to The Ants Go Marching.  Get your body grooving to Shake Your Sillies Out.  Your little one will love that you’re engaging with things they love and you’ll get a sweat going!

Remember to Relax

When all is said and done, remember to relax.  It’s not the end of the world if you’re not able to get a workout in every so often.  Sometimes your toddler needs you and your attention and won’t have it any other way.  The toddler season is just that – a season – and showing your child love and focusing on her matters so much more than how your body looks.

One way I get myself motivated to work out (whether or not Caleb is working out with me) is by looking cute.  I know it’s silly but that’s me.  Function doesn’t have to mean dowdy.  I like wearing something to work out in that I can also leave the house and go to the store in and not look frumpy.  Athleta’s new arrivals fit the bill completely!  The comfortable, trendy athletic wear convinces me that it’s ok to spend time getting my body healthy!  That is the Power of She!

Wondering how to workout with a toddler at home?  I have a few good tips!

Your Turn:
What are your suggestions for working out with a toddler around?
Do you have any favorite songs to get moving to?

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Wondering how to workout with a toddler at home?  I have a few good tips!

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