Find Your Tribe and Love them Well

September 13, 2017
Find your tribe and love them well!  It starts with YOU!

 Find your tribe and love them well.

I’ve heard that quote over and over and, for the longest time, it made me sad.  Why was no one choosing me to be a member of their tribe?  Why was no one loving me well.  Why wasn’t I worth it?  I spent hours crying out to the Lord (and literally crying in Nate’s arms) to bring women into my life to be my tribe.  I longed for friends and knew that was a desire that was from the Lord, even though it didn’t seem as though He was fulfilling that desire in my heart.

As I began listening to other women, I realized this desire was shared by so many.  In my mom groups on Facebook I had women asking how to make friends.  In my MOPS group I had women coming, craving relationship.  It wasn’t only me who was struggling.

Slowly I began hearing the Lord’s still, small voice in my heart.  “Are you loving well?”

I tried hard to push that thought away.  I have no one to love!  I can’t love until I’m being loved.  No one cares to love me so why should I love others?  I had every excuse in the book but over and over I kept being asked “Are you loving well?”

“Fine, Lord” I finally said, “I’ll love.  It’s not going to do any good.  I’m just going to be hurt again.  You’ll see.”

Why does it surprise me that God’s always the one in the right?  When I began to love others, no longer desiring another person to make a first step in relationship, friendships started blossoming before my eyes.  Women reciprocated coffee dates, play dates, and double dates.  When I opened my home to others their homes were opened to me.

The Lord gave me the thing I was begging him for, but I had to step out in faith first.

There are so many people longing for relationships, longing for others to love them well.  Friends, as this new school year is upon us, let’s commit to being the one to love.  Let’s commit to stepping out and saying that we will be the ones to love well.  Let’s see how the Lord will move through our love.

God is love.  Let’s be love too!

Find your tribe and love them well!  It starts with YOU!

Your Turn:
What’s one way you can love your tribe this week?

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