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Living Life Boldly

September 26, 2017
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Want to live life a little more boldly? Check out these five ways to do just that!
When I was sixteen, I finally talked my mom into letting me dye my hair for the first time.  This was back in the day when chunky highlights were a big deal (I’m so glad that trend is done!) so I thought it would be great to put cool, trendy streaks in my hair…  Myself…  I wasn’t going to spend the money I worked hard to earn at Pizza Hut on having some stinkin’ professional dye my hair.  Let me tell you, friends, putting chunky highlights in your hair when you’ve a) never dyed hair before and b) don’t have patience to do things right turns out horribly!  I wish I had pictures to show you but I’m pretty sure I’ve destroyed all the evidence of my little debacle.Thankfully, I’ve matured since then.  (I hope you read that with a pretensions ma-toor-ed accent because that’s totally how I said it in my head)  Yes, I’m still frugal and love dying my hair at home, but these days I stick with solid colors that are hard to mess up.  There’s something about changing my hair color that gives me an oomph of boldness I need in my life.

No one who knows me would say that I am a particularly bold person.  My introversion, anxiety, and people pleasing personality are a trio that keeps me from jumping headfirst into anything I’m not sure about.  I sit on the sidelines, playing it safe, until I’m one hundred percent sure a choice is for me.

Want to live life a little more boldly? Check out these five ways to do just that!

5 Ways to Live Life Boldly

Make a Physical Change

When I want to add a little pizzaz to my life, I change something about my appearance.  Since I don’t want to commit to more piercings, a tattoo, or anything else permanent like that, I typically do something with my hair.  Whether it’s a new cut, a new color, or a trying a new hairstyle, getting bold with my hair tends to give me the courage to be bold in other areas of life.  Gotta have a physical representation of what you want to do!  Maybe you need a new outfit or maybe you need to get a new tattoo.  Only you know what physical change will encourage you to be bold in life!


Remember the “Why”

You’re probably not wanting to be bold just for the sake of being bold.  It’s more likely that there’s a reason for your boldness.  Maybe you’re wanting to make new friends.  Maybe you’re wanting to move ahead in your career.  Maybe you’re needing to potty train your stubborn little boy…  (Oh, that’s only me???)  Whatever your “why” is, make sure you’re keeping that front and center!  A vision board, a note in your wallet, a new screensaver on your computer…  Just remember it!

Change Your Routine

Sometimes the only thing holding you back from making a bold change in your life is your routine.  If you’re wanting to lose weight, you need to figure out a way to add some exercise into your life.  If you’re wanting to start a career as a photographer, you need to figure out a way to take some classes and start practicing using your camera.  A change in your routine will catapult you into having more time for what matters to you!

Choose One Area of Boldness

I’m someone who wants to make ALL THE CHANGES at one time!  I’m either not motivated at all or I have all the motivation.  When I decide to be bold, I want to be bold in everything!  Of course, that burns me out and then my drive to be bold goes ka-poot!  When I choose just one area of life to be bold in I’m so much less likely to fail and that success rolls into another area of boldness and into another and another and another.  Choosing one area leads to so many more!

Be Held Accountable

We live in community for a reason!  When you’re wanting to make changes you need to bring others alongside you!  Being held accountable to the areas you want to grow and change in helps you get there!  Find your person and ask them to keep you on track!  They’ll help you live a life of boldness!
Want to live life a little more boldly? Check out these five ways to do just that!

I have a huge announcement coming on Friday that is terrifying, exciting, and crazy all in one!  It’s taking every ounce of boldness I have to even share with you all what’s happening.  Part of the reason I’m even sharing a teaser today is so I HAVE to share it with you all on Friday!  Make sure you come back to find out what’s going on!  Needless to say, I’ve needed to up my boldness level recently!  A new, gorgeous fall color was absolutely needed.

When I was picking out my new, bold color I decided I needed something with some red in it.  I’ve always wished I was a red head!  Lucky for me when I got to Walmart, I saw that Schwarzkopf Keratin Color had a fun warm mahogany that I just had to try out!  Into my cart it went!


Want to live life a little more boldly? Check out these five ways to do just that!

Coloring your hair at home isn’t hard at all!  I promise that, as long as you follow the instructions, you won’t end up with a complete mess of a head of hair like I did when I was sixteen.  Always make sure you’re doing a patch test at least 48 hours before dying your hair.  It would be the worst to put the dye in your hair and then have a horrible reaction!  Once you’re ready to dye, throw on your gloves and apply the fantastic pre-treatment cream.  Mix up the two second step bottles to create the dye and don’t panic if it’s a weird color.  Mine started out bright orange and I’ve used other dye that’s purple.  It will look normal once it’s in your hair!  Section up your hair and apply small amounts of the dye mixture to your hair, massaging as you go, until your whole head is saturated!  After the correct amount of waiting time (typically half an hour), rinse out the dye until the water runs clear, towel dry your hair, and add the post-treatment conditioning cream.  Easy as pie!  PS.  You can totally try your hair dye for free if you use this rebate offer!


Want to live life a little more boldly? Check out these five ways to do just that!

I absolutely love Schwarzkopf Keratin Color and the fact that they have professional quality hair color that I can do at home and that they offer flattering colors while still caring for my hair.  Heck to the yes!  I’ve tried all sorts of at home dyes so I know what I’m talking about when it comes to dye…  I love that there was a pre-treatment included in the coloring kit that allowed for more even color results.  Keratin colors are intense!  In a good way!

Schwarzkopf Keratin Color: Professional quality hair color at home that offers flattering colors while caring for the hair!

Want to live life a little more boldly? Check out these five ways to do just that!

Now, while I DO love Schwarzkopf Keratin Color for their fantastic hair dye, I also love them for working with Dress for Success®.  Dress for Success Worldwide empowers women by providing them with tools they need to achieve economic independence.  That’s something I can 100% get on board with!  Through education and mentoring, Dress for Success is making a difference in my community and around the world!  Over one million women have been served with this amazing international organization and its programs.  This partnership empowers women looking for upward mobility to revitalize women’s hair and clothing options so they can be as successful as they look.  I’d say they’re adding boldness into these womens’ lives!


Want to live life a little more boldly? Check out these five ways to do just that!
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