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Christmas Tree Hunting {2017}

November 29, 2017

Family Christmas tree hunting tradition

Every year I wait for the weekend after Thanksgiving, not for Black Friday (I absolutely refuse to go out that morning!), but for getting a Christmas tree!  This year, Caleb spent the weekend after Thanksgiving at his grandparent’s house as a little birthday celebration (and so Nate and I could work on some house projects and sleep training the baby) so I knew Christmas tree hunting was going to have to wait.

Thankfully, I have a super awesome husband who knows how important traditions are to me.  Since he’s off work on Mondays (life of a pastor…) he said we absolutely were going to go that day.  He drove up north to pick Caleb up, we waited for the kiddo I was babysitting’s mama to come pick him up, we loaded our boys in the car, and we headed to get our tree.  We decided we were going to go to a different farm than last year since last year was pretty much the funniest Christmas tree hunting experience we’ve had.

We began to drive and, as we drove, the clouds started rolling in and it began to rain.  Add that to the fact that we were only about 45 minutes from sunset…  We deliberated if we should turn back but our stubbornness prevailed and we continued on.  What’s living in the Pacific Northwest if you’re not going to be ok with a little rain.

Thankfully the rain held off pretty well while we picked out our tree, the potty training toddler only wet his pants once (all the eye rolls), and we found the perfect tree for us!  I have to say, even with the accident, experiences like Christmas tree hunting is so much more fun with a toddler in tow!  I can’t even imagine how fun it will be next year with two little boys running through the trees.

My family rocks!

Family Christmas tree hunting

Your Turn:
Do you do a live tree or a fake tree?
What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

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