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A Letter to My Firstborn on His Third Birthday

November 17, 2017

Photos by Mandi McDougall Photography

My firstborn is three!  Today I'm writing him an open letter.

My precious Caleb,

Today you are three!  Honestly, it’s unbelievable to me that I have already had you as a part of my life for three whole years.  You are beyond precious to me and I thank God every day – even the hard days – that he chose me to be your mama.

You are growing up to be such an amazing young man.  You have a huge heart, a hilarious personality, and a brain that thinks like no one else I know.  Your stubbornness is perfectly matched with your sensitivity and I know God is going to do amazing things with you as you grow.  I look back to my pregnancy with you and remember your little body twisting and turning, reacting to my probing in a way that caused me to just know that you were going to be a stubborn and spirited person and, not surprisingly, the personality you had while tucked up inside me is the same personality you still have!

You have certainly given your daddy and me a run for our money.  From your horrible first year of life to the meningitis scare to all the medical testing that led to us discovering your dairy intolerance…  From refusing to walk until 18 months and then running within a week…  From being a very late talker to now having the most clever sense of humor…  It’s never a dull moment with you!  We’ve learned to let things happen on their own timing with you and not worry about what’s “normal” because you, my dear son, are anything but normal!

It’s crazy amazing watching your little brain work.  You are obsessed with workbooks – wanting to learn all about colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and so much more.  I never thought a kid would exist who I’d have to hide workbooks from!  You are so smart and I adore your love of learning.

I didn’t think it was possible but watching you become a big brother brought out even more love for you!  Being pregnant and watching you get so interested in other babies because you had a baby in your mama’s belly was so fun but now that Josiah is here it’s even more fun.  You absolutely adore and dote on your baby brother!  You love kissing him, holding him, making him laugh, and (amazingly) sharing with him!  Of course, daddy and I do think that you might start thinking your name is “Gentle-Caleb” because we say that so many times a day!  Your love isn’t exactly the most gentle thing out there!

Watching your relationship with Jesus grow has probably been my favorite part about this year.  You love praying, reading your Bible, and talking to us about Jesus.  Since you don’t understand the word “sin,” we’ve been explaining to you that Jesus came to take away the trouble you get in and, after you get disciplined, you often tell daddy or me that Jesus took that trouble away.  You soft spirit for the Lord is already evident and we know He’s going to do amazing things in your life!

I love spending my days with you, precious boy!  You are my buddy and my pal.  I love cuddling, hugging, kissing, reading, watching Super Why, and having sweet little conversations with you.  I love how obedient you are (for a toddler, of course), how much you long to help (you LOVE helping with laundry and unloading the dishwasher!), and how much you love spending time with me.  You may love your daddy best but I know I have a deep place in your heart.

I pray for you everyday, Caleb.  I love you with all my heart!

Love, Mama

My firstborn is three!  Today I'm writing him an open letter.

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