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Non Toy Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers

November 22, 2017

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The greatest list of non toy gifts for toddlers

Christmas is coming!!!!!  I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  Seriously, you can just call me Buddy the Elf and it will all be good.  Unfortunately, now that I’m a mama, I have begun dreading Christmas a little bit.  I adore the holiday season – watching my little man experience all the joy and wonder Christmas brings with it – but I do not love knowing that we’re going to add 239,879 new toys to our household.  Toys that will be played with a few times and then forgotten about.  Toys that I have to find a place to store and, ultimately, will have to get rid of.  No bueno.  This year, especially since Caleb is getting older, I decided to put together a list of non toy Christmas gift ideas that our toddler will adore that I can give to grandparents, uncles and aunts, and whoever else might want to get something for my kiddo.

Now, as much as I’d love encouraging people to only give non physical gifts, I know that would be depriving my kiddo of the joy of opening presents on Christmas morning and I’m no Grinch!  Instead, I’ve come up with gifts that can be opened AND gifts of experience that people can choose from.  The best of both worlds!

Non Toy Christmas Gift Ideas


Memberships are my #1 favorite gift for my toddler!  Last year his grandparents gave him a year long membership to the Children’s Museum and, over the course of the year, we got our money’s worth!  Maybe the zoo, aquarium, botanical gardens or science museum are more your cup of tea – get a membership and use it as much as you can!


What is your toddler passionate about?  Maybe he loves painting.  Maybe she adores dance.  Find that passion and get him or her signed up for a class that focuses on it.  Who cares if it’s only going to be a passion for a little while.  Every kid should get to live out her dream of being a professional ballerina, ice skater, horseback rider, or whatever else for a season.

Special Outing

Give your child the gift of time.  Pick a day and do something special.  Go see a kid’s play or a sporting event.  Go roller skating or park hopping.  Go to his favorite restaurant.  Make it all about your toddler and she will be thrilled!


I firmly believe no one can have too many books.  We have so many books AND we go to the library as often as we can since devouring books is something Caleb adores.  From children’s Bibles to books about trains and from Dr Seuss to AA Milne – we read a ton!

Some of our favorite books:
Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing
Mighty Truck
Noisy Dinosaurs
The Alfie and Annie Rose Storybook


If your kid is anything like mine then he goes through a few outfits a day!  Between getting dirty, getting wet, or simply getting bored, clothes get changed a million times!  Because of this, Caleb has to have quite a few outfits to choose from.  He also goes through socks, shoes, and (now that he’s potty training) underwear like no one’s business.  I always love it when people replace these for us.

Art Supplies

We love doing craft projects at my house so craft supplies are a must have.  We love stickers, markers, workbooks, crayons, paper plates, glue…  The list goes on and on.  For serious art lovers, you could consider getting an easel to create masterpieces on!!!

Games and Puzzels

My little man is OBSESSED with games right now.  We can’t go more than about twenty minutes before he says “play game?” while carrying around one of his favorites.  It’s fun that, although he’s still young, he gets the gist of the age appropriate games we play with him.  It’s also great that these games are teaching him things like colors, counting, shapes, logic, and so much more!

Some of Our Favorite Games and Puzzles
Candy Land
Thomas and Friends Tipsy Topsy Turvy Board Game
Hi Ho Cherry-O
Chutes and Ladders

Outdoor Play Equipment

We’re getting our backyard all fixed up so this coming summer it’s going to be a fantastic place for the boys to play (and I’m planning on putting in a veggie garden too!).  This Christmas we’re giving our boys a nice swing set/play structure!!!  You know, something like this...  We are pumped and we know Caleb is going to love it!  Maybe a trampoline, sandbox, or play house is more what your toddler would love.  All of those are great options.

Science Kit

Got a budding scientist on your hands?  Get them a fun, simple science kit to get their minds working.  Science experiments will absolutely blow your toddler’s mind and set them up for success when they begin school!


Speaking of school, what toddler wouldn’t love a backpack that’s just their size to carry things around in?  I love all the different options for boys and girls and, honestly, wouldn’t mind carrying around one of these cute bags in my size!

Musical Instruments

I know, I know, you just want to skip right over this option but hear me out!  Some of Caleb’s favorite things are his instruments.  Our toddler has a drum kit and a guitar in his size and he loves playing our piano too.  From the get-go I put up boundaries as to when it was appropriate to play and, although he sometimes forgets, he’s pretty good about following my rules.  It’s so cool to see him practicing away and, when his little friends come over, it’s a blast to watch them form their own little rock bands…  That we promptly shut the door on so we can’t hear their ruckus.

Miniature Furniture

I just love miniature things!  It’s so fun to me when Caleb has little furniture that is just his size.  From chairs and tables to desks and couches…  I love them all!

Toddler Size Household Supplies

I firmly believe that toddlers are old enough to help with chores.  One way to get them on board is to give them supplies of their own that are just their size.  A little broom, duster, dustpan, and other supplies will make cleaning fun!  Just make sure that you’re using a good non-toxic cleaning spray (like Young Living’s Thieves Spray) if you’re letting them help out!!

A Pet

I really don’t have much to say about this one…  Get them a pet at your own risk.  😉

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