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Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Cracker

November 27, 2017

Toilet paper roll Christmas craft

Christmas time is here!  Happiness and cheer!  Fun for all, the children call, their favorite time of year!  Since it’s their favorite time of year, what’s a better way to start out the Christmas season than a toddler time Christmas craft?  Let’s create a toilet paper roll Christmas cracker together!

Before we get to the activity, let’s talk about toilet paper for a split second.  Is it just me, or do you go through SO MUCH more toilet paper during the holiday season.  I mean, really, with extra guests, time off work, holiday meals…  Toilet paper goes so fast!  Since I never know when people are going to stop by, I always love being prepared with extra toilet paper (and other household paper products like paper towels and Kleenex) at all times!  Trusted brands like Kleenex, Scott, Viva and, Cottonelle are reliable and a life-saver so I always make sure to add them to my Walmart cart when I’m shopping online.  I LOVE that Walmart has free two day shipping.  Better believe I do all I can to keep out of the stores during the holiday season.  That’s hustle and bustle I don’t enjoy!  If I can’t wait two days, it’s awesome that there’s convenient in-store pickup too.  I just have to head to the customer service desk, not run around the store!  Winning!

We’ve talked about it before but I’m such a wanna be hippy.  It makes me cringe to throw things away!  Is it weird that I’m constantly pulling toilet paper rolls out of the garbage either for crafts or to recycle?  It is?  Ok, well, then call me weird!  Nate already does so you may as well too.

Going through extra toilet paper during the holiday season means extra toilet paper rolls for crafts!!!  Caleb and I love that!  This time I wanted to make some decor for our tree.  I love the tradition in Great Britain to have Christmas Crackers full of goodies so I thought it would be fun to recreate it with my little man.  I’m sure your kiddo would love this craft project too!

Toilet paper roll Christmas craft

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Cracker

Supplies Needed

Tissue Paper
Washable Paint
Toilet Paper Roll
Little Goodies {Candy, Bouncy Ball, Little Cars…}


1. Allow your toddler to paint a fun design on the tissue paper.  I folded mine in half so the paint didn’t get on the table.
2. Allow Paint to dry.
3. Fill toilet paper roll with little goodies, wrap tissue paper around it, tie with the sting, and trim the tissue paper to the size you’d like.
4.  Hang on the tree until Christmas morning.  When ready to open, pull from both sides and allow the treats to pop out!

The perfect kid's Christmas craft!

Your Turn:
What Christmas craft do you do with your toddler?

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