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How to be the Ideal Holiday Guest

December 15, 2017

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We are well into the holiday season and, I don’t know about you, but I’m already tuckered out from all the holiday parties and events we’ve been going to!  #IntrovertProblems  Growing up, I don’t remember the holiday season being this busy!  Between work and volunteer parties, church events, and getting together with friends we’ve been booked at least four nights a week all month!  The new year is going to be a breath of fresh air!  But I digress…  One of my hobbies is observing people and recently I’ve been observing what it is that makes the ideal holiday guest.  That may sound a little creepy but I promise, it’s not!  😉

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Arrive on Time

Seriously, nothing kills the mood like a no one being at a party when it begins.  It gets the hostess all worried that no one’s coming, the food gets cold, the toddler decides to take off his clothes and run around the house naked (only my house?), and all sorts of other bad things happen.  Since having kids I always pretend that events are happening about fifteen minutes before they actually are because if I try to get there fifteen minutes early then I’m bound to be on time.  You can totally steal that trick from me!

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Never Arrive Empty Handed

Always bring some food, a gift for the host, a drink…  It’s always a good idea to ask what you can bring but, even if you are told to bring nothing, a simple gesture like bringing a bottle of wine is always appreciated!  Plus, usually the bottle will be opened while you’re there and you can enjoy it too!  One of my recent favorite winery is Wente Vineyard.  I always love having a bottle or two at home for surprise company or to enjoy cuddled up in front of the fire and it’s my current go-to for taking to get togethers.

Offer to Help Out

Holiday get togethers  – even just having one other couple over – can get way stressful if all the weight is on one person!  Keep an eye out for what you can do to help out.  Can you clear the table?  Do wine glasses need refreshing?  Is there someone sitting by themselves that you could start a conversation with?  Are there dishes that could be done?  Lend a helping hand and you’re sure to be invited over again!

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Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

It can often be quite evident when a party or dinner is winding down and it’s time to head home but sometimes it’s a little more difficult to know – especially if there are a few late night party animals in the group.  Do your best to judge when it’s time to leave by the host, not the other guests.  It can be hard to get people to leave when they’re having a good time but, even though they’re not going to kick you out, the hosts could be getting annoyed that you’re still hanging out.  Make sure you’re being discerning and wise and leaving before you’ve outstayed your welcome!

Your Turn:
Any other tips you’d include for being a great guest?
Which variety of Wente wine would you like to try?

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