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How to Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater with Style

December 1, 2017

How to wear an ugly Christmas sweater with style

Ugly Christmas sweaters…  It goes without saying that we all have the perfect one hanging in our closet, just waiting to be pulled out for the perfect Christmas party.  I don’t know what yours looks like – Maybe it has jiggle bells that jingle away…  Maybe it has a Rudolph nose that lights up…  Maybe it has a cat warming itself in front of a fire…  Regardless of what it looks like, it’s upsetting to me that these sweaters are put away for almost every day of the year.  Let’s be add a little boldness into our lives and pull these suckers out to wear in real life!

In order to pull it off and make sure you don’t look to over the top all you have to do is pair your crazy sweater with very neutral and classic pieces.  It’s not hard – just follow a few simple steps.

Great tips for stylish ugly Christmas sweaters

How to Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater with Style

Keep it Simple

Any piece you pick out to wear with your ugly sweater has to be simple!  Jeans or a monochrome skirt with plain leggings and simple shoes or boots is all you need to complete your look.  The more color you add to your outfit the more spazzy you tend to look.  If that’s what you’re going for then that’s great but, if not, keep things simple!

Don’t Layer on the Accessories

Too many accessories kill the outfit!  Simple stud earrings and (maybe) a casual headband is absolutely all you need!  Don’t add on a necklace or big and dangle earrings or they could begin overshadowing the wonder of your sweater.

Be Confident

The biggest thing you need when you rock your ugly Christmas sweater in real life is CONFIDENCE!!!  If you’re walking around unsure about how others are going to take it then that’s how you’ll come off – unsure.  If you walk around as though you own the place and as though you completely know that you look halfway crazy then you’ll just bring a smile to everyone’s faces.  They’ll enjoy your confidence and, maybe, it will encourage them to get outside their boxes and try something new too!

How to wear an ugly Christmas sweater with style

Your Turn:
How do you feel about wearing ugly Christmas sweaters in real life?
What does your favorite ugly sweater look like?

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