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Important Car Seat Safety Tips

January 29, 2018

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Car Seat Safety Tips

I am not a mom who worries.  Sometimes I worry that I’m a little too easy going with what my kids do because I allow them to get into situations where they could get injured or they could learn.  Caleb has fallen off monkey bars, gone head first down a slide, and run into poles more times than I can count.  Thankfully, the worst thing that’s happened so far is him biting a hole in his tongue – and that healed in a few weeks.  I figure my kids are going to learn somehow and there’s no purpose in coddling them.  No one could ever accuse me of being a helicopter mom.  😉

There is one thing, though, that I am absolutely, unapologetically a helicopter mom about – car seat safety!!!!  When I was first pregnant, I began hearing all sorts of horrible, heart wrenching statistics about kids and car seats.  One in five kids killed in car accidents are killed because they were not in properly installed car seats!!!  It’s heartbreaking that one in five car accident deaths of children could be avoided if parents were more aware of car seat regulations and how to make sure their car seats are installed properly!  I’ve read that somewhere around three out of every four car seats are not installed properly in the car but, if they are installed properly, they can reduce the risk of death by as much as 71%!!!!

If those statistics don’t scare you enough to make sure your kids’ car seat is installed properly, I don’t know what will!

Car seat safety tips

5 Car Seat Safety Tips

Buy the Right Car Seat

Before anything else, you need to be making sure you are purchasing the correct car seat for your child.  Make sure it fits your car properly, make sure your child fits in the car seat properly, and be VERY sure it hasn’t been recalled.  If you are getting a used car seat, verify that it has never been in a car accident and that it is not expired.  If either of those are the case, snip the straps and dispose of the seat.  Don’t take ANY chances with car seats!

Read Your Manual

When first getting used to your car seat, read your manual thoroughly!  There are so many things you may not know if you don’t read – are there special requirements for installation?  Can the cover be removed and washed?  What position can the handle be in?  The list goes on and on…  Just give up an hour or so of your life and read!

Verify that you’re Following Height and Weight Requirements

There’s no universal guideline for the weight requirements in a car seat.  Some infant seats only go up 22 pounds but some are higher.  If you’ve read your manual you should know what the requirements are for your seat.  Follow the guidelines!!!!  Keep your child rear facing as long as possible – at least until the age of two, if not longer – because rear facing is 500 times safer than forward facing!

Install the Car Seat Properly

I cannot stress this enough – INSTALL YOUR CAR SEAT PROPERLY!!!!!!  If you switch the car seat back and forth between a few cars, make sure it is installed properly EVERY time it is switched!  If you aren’t sure if your seat is installed correctly, schedule a car seat check in your area!  Even if you think you’ve installed it correctly, it never hurts to get it checked!

Make Sure the Harness Fits

Once you know that your car seat is installed correctly and that it’s the correct size for you child, make sure the harness fits properly.  This is where your manual comes in again since it should talk about how to ensure a proper fit for your child.  And don’t forget, there are even more rules during the winter to make sure your kids’ harnesses are fitting properly!

Car Seat Safety Tips

Your Turn:
Have you had your car seat inspected for proper installation?
What’s something you’re a helicopter mom about?

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