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Grow in 2018

January 1, 2018

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I love new seasons of life!!!  I love the beginning of new days, new weeks, new months, and new years.  They feel fresh and make me feel ready to begin something new!  This year feels extra special to me today is the beginning of a day, the beginning of a week, the beginning of a month AND the beginning of a year.  With all the new beginnings I feel as though anything is possible!

As in prior years (2017, 2016, 2015), I am focusing on one word this year and implementing it into many areas of my life!  It’s exciting to think where I’ll be this time next year!

For 2018 I have chosen the word Grow

I am going to grow in my health

I am realizing more and more that my body is not where it should be AND that there is more I can be doing to help it.  My struggles with depression and anxiety – especially anxiety – have been giving me a run for my money and it’s my intention to figure out how to truly help myself have a healthier mind this year.  On top of that, my back and joint problems, problems sleeping (that don’t relate to being woken up by a baby), and other health concerns NEED to be addressed in order for me to be the best mama, wife, and person I can be!

My game plan is – Beginning a more intense exercise regimen that includes some weight lifting to strengthen my back and joints, seeing a naturopath who won’t just tell me I need to google “ways to sleep better” (yes, a doctor did tell me that), drinking more water, finding an oil blend that helps lower my anxiety, and possibly seeing a physical therapist if necessary.  We’re wanting to have more kids and I want my body to be a lot more healthy before getting pregnant again.

I am going to grow in my relationships

Relationships are hard for me.  I am an introvert who has a problem trusting people which is a horrible combination.  This year I’m working on getting outside my own fears!  I long to have deep friendships and it’s only if I start working on it that it’s going to happen.  Wish me luck!

I’m going to grow in my risk taking

Nate and I were inspired this year to give each other new years resolutions.  It was a little scary thinking up genuine resolutions for each other while also thinking of how to word them so they don’t come off as offensive.  Since we were both on board with the challenge, we didn’t take offense to the other person and it actually ended up being fun.  It’s easy to have a blind spot in your own life that your spouse is aware of and a challenge like this gives that spouse freedom to share that blind spot with you in a safe space.  I’d totally encourage you to do it with your spouse!

Nate’s new years resolution for me was to pursue leading a ministry for moms out of our home – something I’ve been talking about passionately for a while now but am terrified to do!  I would love to lead an in depth bible study for moms, encouraging us to reach our communities for the Lord in the midst of motherhood.  I don’t exactly know what that’s going to look like but, since Nate’s telling me I have to do it, I’m going to!  He’s the boss.  😉

I am going to grow in my business

I love blogging and love that, through writing and connecting with people online, I can help my family out financially.  I want to treat my blog more as a business and keep ahead on things rather than feel like I’m always playing catch up.  My goal is to be a week ahead on blog posts, social media scheduling, etc so it leaves wiggle room for life to get in the way.  I want to grow my email list (since instagram and facebook are both failing bloggers these days) and reach out to brands myself instead of only relying on brand agencies to connect me to brands.

I also want to do more work on my Young Living business.  I’m realizing that my fears of not being a good sales person (the fears that were holding me back from beginning in the business) are absolutely accurate.  I am HORRIBLE at sales.  I also know fear has been holding me back from really talking about and promoting the amazingness of oils so I’m going to get out of my own head and actually try.  If I fail, that’s fine, but if I never try and just quit then that’s not ok with me.

I am going to grow in my faith

Starting in September Nate and a few other men in the church decided to read their Bibles over the course of four months.  I thought that was such a great idea but didn’t join in because I didn’t feel as though I had time to do it.  As the four months progressed, I saw the Bible shaping and molding these guys’ lives and realized that, because of my own selfishness over my time, I was missing out on what God had for me!  They’re starting back up January first and, this time, I’m joining in!  Ten chapters a day (on average it took Nate about half an hour a day – and I’m a faster reader than Nate. #winner) is totally doable!  I’m so excited to see how my faith grows as I get into the Word more!

Do you ever wonder how to go about figuring out a word of the year? Check out this free printable step by step guide to discover your word of the year!

Your Turn:
What is your word for 2018?
How does the word GROW resonate with you?

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Do you ever wonder how to choose your word of the year? Check out this free printable step by step guide to discover your word of the year!

Do you ever wonder how to choose your word of the year? Check out this free printable step by step guide to discover your word of the year!


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